Choosing Estate Jewelry: A Unique Piece with a Touch of History

In a counter play to the reality TV world of Bridezillas and bigger-is-better weddings, some couples are opting for simple engagements that give a nod to times past with a ring of vintage, antique or estate heritage. Estate jewelry not only means owning a slice of history through a unique piece of jewelry, it’s also a way to purchase jewelry that’s ethically gained and economically friendly. In some cases this may be an heirloom piece of jewelry or a stone that’s passed down over many generations or perhaps it’s a piece that was found after many days browsing through antique stores and estate sales to find the perfect piece.

Stackable Rings, the Trend that Keeps On Trending

Fashion is somewhat like the wind, ever changing and not remaining in one place for too long. In the world of fashion it’s a rare thing when something stays on trend for longer than a season but when it does then you know that it’s probably one worth participating in. Evidence of the continuing more-is-better stackable ring trend can be found in a variety of places. People are showcasing stacked rings on multiple Pinterest boards and in magazine features in InStyle Magazine and even Forbes. Fall’s trend of stackable rings encourages you to incorporate rings that you already love and wear along with something new — well maybe make that several something new!

What is Pavé and Micro Pavé Jewelry?

Micro Pavé jewelry has become very popular, but what is it exactly? The term is commonly confused with "pavé." French for street-paving, pavé refers to the effect of "paving" a jewelry surface with small diamonds. This is done by drilling holes directly into the metal and fitting and laying diamonds into those holes like cobblestones. Around these diamonds, the metal is pulled and molded around the gem like grout, securing the stones in the setting.

Jewelry Icons: Coco Chanel

If women have anyone to thank for a modern fashion philosophy, it is Coco Chanel. With bon mots like "Fashion changes, but style endures" and "In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different" Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel (1883-1971) brought simplicity and comfort to everyday fashionable wear. She was known to make clothes out of breathable and flexible fabrics like jersey, that were cut in straight but versatile lines, worn without corsets, that allowed the new woman of the 1920s to be more athletic and utilitarian.

A Brief History of Pearls

Since the fashions of Cleopatra, pearls have always been a status symbol. Today, they are considered a more affordable option for high-end accessories, but, back then, pearls carried more wealth than gold. So much, that the Queen of the Nile supposedly crushed a pearl into a glass of wine to prove to Marc Antony that not only could she sponsor the most expensive dinner party in all of the Empire, but also consume a nation's wealth.

5 Pieces That Should Be In Every Woman's Jewelry Box

Just like a woman's wardrobe should feature certain classic articles of clothing like a little black dress, her jewelry box should contain the basic foundations for accessorizing. However, with so much to choose from in the market, knowing what are the must-haves versus the most-trendy can be tricky. Noe's Jewelry is here to help. Below are 5 jewelry essentials that will guarantee a stocked box with all the right pieces for every occasion.

Wedding Season Tips: Finding Something Blue

If you've been planning a wedding, you have probably heard the old adage: "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a silver sixpence in her shoe." Since the saying's origins in the 1500s, it has always been thought that these elements have to be present on the bride's person to ensure a blessed and happy marriage.

Making June Weddings Sparkle with Crystals and Pearls

Weddings today aren't only about the joining of two hearts in a lifelong partnership, but also about the merging of tradition with modern life. The latest trend of pairing pearls and sparkling crystals in a bride's outfit is an aesthetic celebration of this merging

Tiger's Eye vs. Cat's Eye Stones

Do you think Tiger's Eye and Cat's Eye stones are the same thing? While both have quite a bit in common, they are each distinctive and distinguished gems in their own right. Below is a low-down of the two stones similarities and differences, and as soon as you see their facts side-by-side you will never confuse them again.

Cuff Bracelets: The Ultimate Statement Piece

Since re-appearing on designer runways in 2011, the cuff bracelet remains one of the hottest and most powerful statement pieces among accessories. Of course, it never technically went out of style and is perhaps one of the oldest forms of adornment known to man. In Mayan cultures, the cuff bracelet served a social status function in that jewelry was only worn by royalty and its designs connoted class and family rank. In other instances of history, the cuff bracelet was mostly for adornment, but also had practical uses as armor as seen among Ancient Greece and Roman soldiers. Perhaps their aesthetics were most realized in Asia, where elaborately etched and sculpted jade and gold cuffs depicting natural scenes have been dated back as far as 2000 BC.

Timelessness of Timepieces or Luxury Watches

If diamonds are a girl's best friend, then wrist watches are a guy's best bro. Due to the prevalence of phones and tablets, as well as digital clocks on almost every surface one can stare at, it would seem like timepieces would fade into fashion history. However, the axiom that a serious gentleman should own two things—a fine suit and a good watch—is still very much alive in business as well as social standing.

Spring Forward with Eye-Catching Agate Jewelry

Spring is here and it is time to add color back into our lives, and what a better place to start than by adding an agate necklace or drop earrings into our jewelry rotation. While diamonds, sapphires, and pearls will always be striking, there is something to be said for gemstones full of unique texture and Easter egg hues, and this chalcedony quartz fits that description to a "t."

September is the New June for Weddings!

Are you looking to become engaged, but are worried that a June wedding may be too soon? Have no fear, September isn't as near. Always the fall foil to the traditional summer month, September is quickly becoming more, if not, the most popular time for weddings. Below are a few things that make a September wedding unique.

Estate Jewelry is Vintage Jewelry or Antique Jewelry and it's Trending!

Estate and Vintage jewelry are the most coveted accessories to own right now. Thanks to the interest in PBS's Edwardian television drama Downton Abbey, Baz Lurhman's Jazz Age adaptation of The Great Gatsby, and even the mainstreaming interests in retro-aesthetics like Steampunk and Neo-Victorianism, famous jewelers like Tiffany & Co., fashion houses like Louis Vuitton, and fashion chains like Anthropologie and Forever 21 are producing special lines featuring reproduction as well as reimagined vintage pieces from the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Special Valentine's Day Pieces with Designer Jewelers

One of the most difficult things about gift-giving jewelry on Valentine's Day is not giving her the same old thing. Almost all jewelry stores carry roughly the same streamlined designs: diamond solitaires, the chain-link charm bracelets, and heart-shaped pendant necklaces.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas: Necklaces, Earrings, and Bracelets

When it comes to Valentine's Day gifts, we think of chocolate, flowers, and jewelry. We also think of messages and what sentiments our gifts may convey.

What Does A Groom Look for in a Wedding Band?

We place so much importance on a bride's engagement and wedding ring, but a groom's wedding band is equally significant. It is a symbol of your commitment that your husband will wear for a lifetime, so it's very important to find a wedding band that is stylish, comfortable, and unique. Choosing the right one can be a challenge. There are many places to shop for men's wedding bands in Kansas City, but at Noe's Jewelry stands above the rest with its commitment to quality and customer service. 

Fine Jewelry is a Fashion Essential

A gorgeous piece of fine jewelry can transform an outfit from simple to glamorous. Well-made, unique jewelry is the ultimate fashion essential. Unlike clothing, jewelry is built to last forever—and it never stops fitting well or looking great! Invest in some quality pieces that you love, and you'll never leave the house looking dull or drab. Noe's Jewelry in Kansas City has an excellent selection of special-occasion and everyday jewelry so you can accessorize in style.

Alpina Geneve Timepieces

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How to Shop for an Engagement Ring

Shopping for an engagement ring is a rite of passage. Since it's not something you do every day, it's easy to get bogged down in details and confused by all of the jargon. Really, there are just four things to remember when you're in the market for an engagement ring. It's that simple!