Your Questions About Permanent Jewelry, Answered!
Have you ever had to leave your jewelry at home because you were in too much of a rush to struggle with the clasps? Maybe you have that one piece of jewelry you wear absolutely everywhere–to school, the gym, and...
How Estate Jewelry Ties You to the Past

Jewelry is valuable due to the metals and precious stones used to create each piece. However, jewelry has more value than just its monetary value. Jewelry can be historic and provide ties to the past. 

How Do You Care for Estate Jewelry?

Noe’s Jewelry has a few simple rules for taking the best care of estate jewelry. If you do notice any damage to your estate jewelry, be sure to stop by Noe’s so we can try to help.

Snow Event: Let Mother Nature Pay for the Engagement Ring

The holidays are the perfect time for bringing together family and friends for food, fun and fellowship. The cold, dark nights and warm, cozy firelight experienced during this time of year is also the perfect setting for a beautiful and festive wedding proposal.

If you’ve been thinking about popping the question to your significant other this holiday season, there’s really no more romantic time to ask someone one of the most important questions of your life. The glimmer of a beautiful diamond ring is the perfect counterpart to Mother Nature’s backdrop of frosted leaves and icy snow that give off their own natural brilliance and shine.

2015 Spring Jewelry Collections Show Hints of Arts and Crafts Past

Fall means that it’s time for the first peak at the Spring 2015 collections. This season the clothes were paired with bold jewelry that made as much of a statement as the clothes did. Some of the highlights of the spring jewelry selections included metal jewelry, saturated, child friendly colors, gold, translucent crystal, gunmetal and numerous global influences in texture, style and color.

Choosing Estate Jewelry: A Unique Piece with a Touch of History

In a counter play to the reality TV world of Bridezillas and bigger-is-better weddings, some couples are opting for simple engagements that give a nod to times past with a ring of vintage, antique or estate heritage. Estate jewelry not only means owning a slice of history through a unique piece of jewelry, it’s also a way to purchase jewelry that’s ethically gained and economically friendly. In some cases this may be an heirloom piece of jewelry or a stone that’s passed down over many generations or perhaps it’s a piece that was found after many days browsing through antique stores and estate sales to find the perfect piece.