Stackable Rings, the Trend that Keeps On Trending

Fashion is somewhat like the wind, ever changing and not remaining in one place for too long. In the world of fashion it’s a rare thing when something stays on trend for longer than a season but when it does then you know that it’s probably one worth participating in. Evidence of the continuing more-is-better stackable ring trend can be found in a variety of places. People are showcasing stacked rings on multiple Pinterest boards and in magazine features in InStyle Magazine and even Forbes. Fall’s trend of stackable rings encourages you to incorporate rings that you already love and wear along with something new — well maybe make that several something new!

Why not start with this delicate sparkler as the perfect foundation? But don’t stop there, Noe’s Jewelry offers a wide variety of rings in sterling silver, platinum and goldthat are perfect options for the stackable ring trend. From high-end to low, stackable rings are making their mark, and style aficionados from fashion editors to style bloggers are mixing and matching their advice when it comes to the right way to wear stackable rings. One suggests an anything-goes mentality that employs a selection of varying sizes, shapes and colors. While another advises choosing one metal (gold, rose gold, silver or platinum) or one color and then playing with textures. On Pinterest, pinners suggested engraving special memories such as children’s names and birthdates and occasions inside the tiny jeweled stackable rings.

But really, the only “rule” that needs to be observed in this trend is one of proportion. Much like you wouldn’t pair an oversized shirt with oversized pants, it’s important to consider the size and shape of your hands and also the length of your individual fingers. Generally, individuals with larger hands can not only wear bigger rings but they can also stack up more substantially sized rings because they have longer fingers. Those with more petite hands need not shy away from the stackable rings trend. It’s just important to balance the width of the rings to smaller hands. For instance, those with smaller-size hands can wear multiple thin bands stacked one on top of the other on one finger and then choose to add a statement ring on another finger. But no matter how you stack, strive for a cohesive look that makes you feel good.

Another positive aspect of this trend is that it incorporates the entire finger, not just the area below the second knuckle. Stackable rings can be added anywhere below the first knuckle, providing a lot more real estate for decorating. Start with the rings that you already love and wear often and then add from there. Whether you go for delicate and thread-bare or thick and chunky, this is one fall style that everyone can get their hands on. Don’t forget to check out the style galleries at Noe’s Jewelry in Raytown, Missouri, for even more stackable ring inspiration. A Noe’s Jewelry consultant is on hand to help you achieve the perfect look.