Top Rated Jewelry Appraisals In Kansas City

Jewelry appraisals are important when maintaining a piece of jewelry, and essential if you intend on having your jewelry insured.

Jewelry appraisals

Top Rated Jewelry Appraisers in Kansas City

Work with experienced jewelry appraisers near you at Noe’s Jewelry.

We know that your jewelry is priceless in your eyes, but all jewelry has a market value, and that value is always changing. The market prices of gemstones, diamonds and precious metals fluctuate from day to day, hour to hour, and even minute to minute.

It can be confusing to those who don’t understand the industry, but thankfully, professional jewelry appraisers are well equipped to accurately estimate the value of your jewelry. Our qualified jewelry appraisers have decades of experience, and they're ready to carefully calculate the value of your jewelry.

Why get a jewelry appraisal?

Having your jewelry professionally appraised is important for insurance purposes, for your personal records, and for better understanding your finances.

If your jewelry is ever lost, damaged or stolen, your insurance company will need appraisal documents in order to help you settle the claim. Without an accurate estimate of your jewelry’s value, the insurer won’t know how much to pay you. Having no appraisal–or an outdated appraisal–could cost you a lot of money in a situation like this.

During an appraisal, a jewelry appraiser will document the appearance of your jewelry through measurements, photographs, and written descriptions. They will make note of all the materials used in the piece. These records can help you recreate your jewelry in the unfortunate event that it is ever lost, damaged or stolen. A custom jeweler can easily replicate a piece when they have such a precise description to help them along.

Finally, knowing the value of your jewelry gives you a better idea of your overall financial situation. It can be important for your estate planning, tax purposes, or any other situation in which you need a clear picture of your financial situation.

What happens during a jewelry appraisal?

During a professional appraisal, the appraiser will evaluate your jewelry based on multiple categories, including metal composition, types of gemstones and diamonds included, weight, measurements and more. They will consider your piece’s overall quality, and also how similar pieces are performing on the market.

Our jewelry appraisers can explain the methodology and grading systems they use to evaluate your piece before the process begins, and they’ll be happy to answer any other questions you may have. You’ll receive testing and grading documents, as well as a written valuation, photographs of your piece and copies of any extra documents you may need for insurance purposes.

We recommend calling ahead for an appraisal appointment. Feel free to bring certificates of authenticity or other relevant documents along to your jewelry appraisal.

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It pays to take the drive from anywhere in the Kansas City area to our store in Raymore, Missouri. For decades, we’ve been serving as the Kansas City area’s finest full service jewelry store. That means we have plenty of experience appraising jewelry to ensure that our clients have the most accurate and up-to-date evaluations of their treasured pieces.

Only professional, certified jewelers like ours can conduct precise, proper appraisals. Protect your jewelry, get a clear picture of your finances, and learn how much your pieces are really worth with an appraisal from Noe’s Jewelry.