Tips for Purchasing a Timepiece this Holiday Season

Turn on the TV at any time of day and you’re bound to see an advertisement for a jewelry store promoting the holidays. At this time of year, it’s next to impossible to miss the onslaught of ads. Each one promising to wrap up a bit of magic in a tiny box, giving happiness to both the giver and the receiver. While there are few who could find anything wrong with a little bit of holiday sparkle under the tree, it does appear that these commercials are primarily geared toward women.

Consider a Classic Timepiece

At Noe’s Jewelry we believe that this kind of one-sided holiday advertising leaves a big group out of the mix, and we’re thinking that there are many men who also might like a nice gift that comes in a small box this holiday season. While many men avoid jewelry that is excessively ornamented, a classic timepiece can be a nice way to add customization to the tried-and-true style of male dressing. As an accessory, a timepiece can become a differentiator that also has the benefit of being a great conversation starter, especially among those interested in the long-standing art of watchmaking. Much like the mystery of a classic car, the most important qualities of a timepiece often lie out of sight and just below the surface.

A Look Unique to You

The size of the timepiece, in relation to the person wearing it, should always be an important consideration. A watch needs to fit the size of the individual and be in proportion to the size of their wrists. The watch blog recommends that men choose a watch with a round case that is sized between 40 or 44 millimeters wide.

When it comes to picking out the perfect timepiece for that special person this holiday season, it can be wise to go with a simple, classic look. This is generally defined as something that will look good with a suit, fit in with business casual wear, and also work with clothes on the weekend. Paying attention to these rules will keep your timepiece investment from going out of fashion too quickly.

Don’t forget that a quality timepiece isn’t just for the men in your life. It can also be a great investment piece for those special females, too. Because it’s often difficult to decide with so many timepieces to choose from, the Noe’s Jewelry website also features a handy compare icon that enables you to see your favorite options side by side.

This year, Noe’s Jewelry and Mother Nature are teaming up to add another element of holiday magic. All purchases made during the Snow Event running Nov. 15 to Dec. 24 will be free if it snows three inches on Jan. 3. (This offer is only good for Noe’s Jewelry Snow Event purchases.)

When you are ready to choose a timepiece this holiday season, visit the Kansas City jewelry experts at Noe’s Jewelry in Raytown, Missouri. For more than 100 years, Noe’s Jewelry has provided buying and jewelry care tips, timeless design galleries, and decades of experience, helping you find the perfect piece for you and your lifestyle.