Select a “Just Because” Gift on Sweetest Day at Noe’s Jewelry

The first notice of holiday creep began back in the hot and humid days of August when Halloween candy, pumpkin-flavored products and tiny ghosts began inching their way into the consumer mindset. By the time October finally arrived, we’re guessing that you’re grown accustomed to seeing the seasonal items for Halloween, Thanksgiving and, even Christmas.

But in that holiday mix there’s unfortunately not much recognition for a little-known holiday called Sweetest Day that takes place each year on the third Saturday of October. Sweetest Day, celebrated this year on Oct. 18, is a time to recognize the spontaneous and thoughtful deeds done by those around you that enrich both the giver and the recipient with the act of kindness.

The tradition of Sweetest Day began in 1922 when a Cleveland, Ohio, candy maker named Herbert Birch Kingston decided to provide the gift of candy sweets to the orphans and home-bound citizens in the city as a way of letting them know that they were not forgotten. Over the years, the kindhearted holiday has taken hold in the Midwest and areas of the Northeast to include celebrations between family members, acquaintances, co-workers, friends, and loved ones. The tokens of Sweetest Day have also evolved beyond confectionary sweets to include some longer-lasting, more tangible, tokens of love and friendship such as cards, handmade trinkets and jewelry.

Most women would agree that when it comes to receiving jewelry that comes in a small box there is often a very good chance that something beautiful will be found inside, so if you’re looking for lovely “small box” suggestions for Sweetest Day this month, check out Noe’s Jewelry necklace collection of pearl, gemstone, pendant, diamond and chain necklaces.

If your Sweetest is someone who likes to wear jewelry that’s classic with a twist, consider a Sweetest Day treat of a strand of freshwater pearls in shades of brown, gold, green, burgundy, black, peach, white or grey. For a more timeless look, consider a diamond pendant in 14K white, yellow or rose gold, available in many sizes and shapes including circles, squares, infinity loops, crosses or hearts. Noe’s Jewelry also offers a unique selection of semi-precious and precious stone pendants in sterling silver and 14K rose, yellow or white gold. If a necklace doesn’t hit the right note, consider a Sweetest Day surprise of a ring, bracelet or earrings.

But remember that Sweetest Day isn’t just about surprising the ladies in your life. Men also appreciate the tradition of the Sweetest Day holiday when it comes in the form of a timepiece for him. Noe’s Jewelry has a number of traditional options with classic faces and a leather or metal band. If you’re looking to woo a college sports fan, consider a watch showcasing the mascot of the University of Kansas, Kansas State University, University of Iowa, University of Missouri or the University of Nebraska – Lincoln.

This Sweetest Day, come to Noe’s Jewelry in Raytown, Missouri, and find your own token of love this holiday season. Here you’ll discover a beautiful selection of precious and semi-precious jewelry that’s guaranteed to surprise and delight your Sweetest. Plus, if you’re someone who loves beautiful jewelry but not a jewelry surprise, Noe’s Jewelry can help provide your loved one with a helpful hint through our Wish List feature.