Timelessness of Timepieces or Luxury Watches

If diamonds are a girl's best friend, then wrist watches are a guy's best bro. Due to the prevalence of phones and tablets, as well as digital clocks on almost every surface one can stare at, it would seem like timepieces would fade into fashion history. However, the axiom that a serious gentleman should own two things—a fine suit and a good watch—is still very much alive in business as well as social standing.

One reason is that men do not have much room in formal situations to express themselves through embellishments. Women have several options like necklaces, bracelets, rings, brooches, earrings—all of which are often prominently displayed. Men are limited to subtle flourishes like cuff-links, wedding bands and class rings, lapel pins, or watches. Because we often communicate with our hands via a handshake or conversational gestures, watches end up being the most prominently displayed accoutrement in a gentleman's ensemble, and the symbol for which he is most often judged by his peers. This is why owning a good watch is integral to a man's wardrobe, whether he is a utilitarian or dandy dresser.

The idea of owning a "good" time piece can be daunting at first because when one hears the term "luxury watches," one immediately thinks of brands like Rolex or TAG Heuer that come with five figures and are more curios in their complexities than functional tools. But having a good watch does not solely mean having to own statement pieces. In fact, the rules to owning a high-end inexpensive luxury watch are quite simple. For business and formal social occasions where you are wearing suits or sport coats, men should opt for timepieces with leather straps and faces made of precious metals like silver or gold. If you need something more scratch-resistant, stainless steel and titanium can be equally fashionable, like the Citizen Stainless Steel Titanium Golf Watch. If you want to get extra fancy, select a piece with a few complications, which are the non-timekeeping features such as a calendar, a chronograph, and time zones, as seen in the Stainless Steel Citizen's Gent Watch with Black Circular Face and Bezel with Silver Bracelet Band.

For casual get-togethers, a more informal watch with a cloth band and simple face is appropriate, like the Bertucci's Titanium Watch with a Silver and Black Face and a Black Nylon Band and Sapphire Crystal which is sophisticated, yet sporty. Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule, and lifestyle ends up dictating over fashion from time to time. If one is an outdoorsman, more durable materials such as plastic and rubber straps and casing, as well as certain characteristics like water-proofing, makes a good watch a different tool from the more accessory-oriented mechanical ones. But, regardless of interests, one thing remains universal: a high-end watch is the main tool and fixture for the well-dressed, business savvy, and social superstar gentleman of the twenty-first century.

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