5 Pieces That Should Be In Every Woman's Jewelry Box

Just like a woman's wardrobe should feature certain classic articles of clothing like a little black dress, her jewelry box should contain the basic foundations for accessorizing. However, with so much to choose from in the market, knowing what are the must-haves versus the most-trendy can be tricky. Noe's Jewelry is here to help. Below are 5 jewelry essentials that will guarantee a stocked box with all the right pieces for every occasion.

Pearl Strands. Coco Chanel said it best: "A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls." Despite misconceptions that one has to be within a certain-age group to don them, pearls are actually ideal for all ages. In fact, they are the first major piece of jewelry a girl receives for graduation or a sweet sixteen. With one simple strand, a casual weekend outfit becomes an evening ensemble. Several strands, like this three-strand freshwater piece, upgrades a simple dress into cocktail couture.

Stud Earrings. Stud earrings should be a woman's everyday jewelry staple. Solid gold or silver studs are sufficient, perhaps in whimsical shapes like moons or owls, but if a sparkle needs to be added to the routine, opt for Diamonds like these 14 karat yellow gold earrings. For color, opt for birthstones or other bold gemstones like agate or turquoise.

The Right-hand Ring. Since the left hand has been reserved for engagement and wedding rings, a new trend has emerged to adorn the right-hand with an ultimate statement that symbolizes a woman's independence and self-love. Because this hand goes against tradition, it is expected one will have fun with the right-hand ring. Often, the trend is to pick bolder, more intricately designed rings like Simon G's 18 karat two-tone gold fashion ring that reflects the woman's personality or symbolizes a life achievement or benchmark.

Watch. There is an old saying that every gentlemen should own a good watch, but the adage holds true for ladies too. In an age where timepieces are eschewed for the latest iPhone, the watch has graduated from tool to status symbol. With the right watch, preferably a leather strap like this piece from Elle, a lady needs not fumble with her phone, and can always check the time with a cool flick of the wrist, that also provides a glimpse at the tasteful tennis bracelet and bangles she might be wearing.

Statement Pieces. Whether it is adding confidence to a power suit, or pizazz to a simple evening gown, every jewelry box should contain a few statement pieces. For necklaces, go for bold and eye catching colors, unusual gemstone cuts, and chain layers. For earrings, chandelier or drop earrings with larger stones are always dazzling. For the extra mile, have a matching set like these lovely rose quartz hoops paired with this rose quartz necklace.

Whether you are just beginning to collect the essentials, or looking to add to the accessory arsenal, Noe's Jewelry is always on hand with expert staff to help you find your jewelry needs.