Spring Forward with Eye-Catching Agate Jewelry

Spring is here and it is time to add color back into our lives, and what a better place to start than by adding an agate necklace or drop earrings into our jewelry rotation. While diamonds, sapphires, and pearls will always be striking, there is something to be said for gemstones full of unique texture and Easter egg hues, and this chalcedony quartz fits that description to a "t." Agate is formed inside several different kinds of rock recesses, including volcanic, granite, melaphyre, and porphyry. Silicon dioxide deposits form in almond-shaped nodules that build in layers on top of each other over time, creating band patterns or pronounced concentric circles. While the most common shade of this quartz is seen in Black Agate jewelry, agate also comes in a variety of bold and opaque colors like red, blue, purple, and green. When polished and cut, primarily in the en cabochon fashion, the gemstones have thick lines and wide angles, making them ideal for eye-catching amulets and bracelets set in silver.

Agates origins are quite fascinating. Found in modern-day Sicily, in the Achates River (now known as Dirillo) by Greek philosopher Theophrastus (circa 3rd and 4th century BC), agate served a holistic function in that it was thought to stave off thirst and protect against severe illnesses like headaches, pregnancy discomfort, stress, and nightmares. It was even used to ward off stormy weather! Because of its protective and holistic properties, it was often used as serving ware among royalty, and several examples of agate bowls have been found in ancient Greece and the Byzantine Empire. The demand for these bowls peaked during the Renaissance, which led to an enthusiasm for mining and cutting agate in Germany from the Nahe River Valley, and which established the Idar-Oberstein as a cutting-center, until the quartz was completely exhausted four centuries later. Now most agate comes from several South American locations such as Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay, as well as other locations around the globe.

Some people still believe agate contains healing properties, and experts in crystal healing and alternative medicine prescribe for the gemstone to touch the afflicted area. So, if you suffer from headaches or fatigue, wearing an amulet near the heart, as specialists counsel, isn't only fashionable but potentially relieving.

Despite once being a stone revered and utilized by the upper class, agate jewelry is surprisingly affordable, making gifting a piece ideal for less formal occasions like a best friend or sister's birthday present, or for holidays like Mother's Day. When you do begin shopping for agate, please note that it is often known by names such as banded agate, carnelian, and sardonyx, as well as several other monikers that can sometimes make identifying the gemstone confusing, so never hesitate to question your jeweler about specifics. Currently, Noe's Jewelry has some stellar pieces of black and red agate necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets, and our team of consultants would love to discuss options for helping you or your loved one pick out the right agate piece and begin springing fashionably forward.

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