11 Surprising Facts About Noe’s Jewelry

We wanted to share a few surprising facts about our operation and the people who help make it work. Here are 11 facts that you probably didn’t know about Noe’s Jewelry!

Tips for Purchasing a Timepiece this Holiday Season

Turn on the TV at any time of day and you’re bound to see an advertisement for a jewelry store promoting the holidays. At this time of year, it’s next to impossible to miss the onslaught of ads. Each one promising to wrap up a bit of magic in a tiny box, giving happiness to both the giver and the receiver. While there are few who could find anything wrong with a little bit of holiday sparkle under the tree, it does appear that these commercials are primarily geared toward women.

Select a “Just Because” Gift on Sweetest Day at Noe’s Jewelry

The first notice of holiday creep began back in the hot and humid days of August when Halloween candy, pumpkin-flavored products and tiny ghosts began inching their way into the consumer mindset. By the time October finally arrived, we’re guessing that you’re grown accustomed to seeing the seasonal items for Halloween, Thanksgiving and, even Christmas.

Simple Tips to Protect your Jewelry Investment

For many of us, jewelry is a milestone marker for special times and a look into the jewelry box can be a mini trip back in time marking the major events in our life. As a child, many of us received our first real piece of jewelry when we chose to have simple gold studs or tiny birthstone earrings as our first pair of earrings. Later on, birthdays and graduations were marked with a traditional pieces such as a watch for men or a strand of classic pearls for females. After that, holiday gifts, birthdays and engagements became the main reasons for fine jewelry gifts. When you consider the powerful memories attached to those pieces it’s easy to see why it’s important to clean and store your jewelry in a way that will make the investment last forever.