September is the New June for Weddings!

Are you looking to become engaged, but are worried that a June wedding may be too soon? Have no fear, September isn't as near. Always the fall foil to the traditional summer month, September is quickly becoming more, if not, the most popular time for weddings. Below are a few things that make a September wedding unique.

Weather. September falls during one of the more pleasant times of the year between summer and autumn. Just like June isn't too hot, September isn't too cold, and its straddling of summer and autumn make it ideal for an outdoor wedding. In fact, if your wedding is al fresco, you can let the scenery set the tone. Depending on your location, leaves and foliage may be turning, and there is nothing more stunning than the dusky copper of an autumn sunset. Keep in mind, however, that if you are having a late evening wedding, or an afternoon fête that will go on into the wee hours, you and your guests may need a cover-up to fend against those early equinox chills. But these are logistics that make a good party plan a memorable festivity. If cool weather is predicted in your area, consider integrating bonfires around the main reception area. Or plan on having your celebration under canopies with elegant candelabras chandeliers and tea-lights radiating your tables in soft hues of heat and romance.

Colors. You can get away with a lot more with an autumn wedding palette. Summer colors are often vibrant and bright like turquoise, lime, and rose madder accented with pale whites or mauves. In a September wedding, you can go darker and bolder. Jewel tones such as emerald, ruby, and sapphire, as well as neutral pairings of mauves, tans, and even black with traditional ivory and cream, are very popular. In fact, it is very effective to bring neutral colors like ivory to the forefront of the palette and accent it with rich bursts of intense harvest colors like marigold, burgundy, mint, and pumpkin. Metallic colors, such as gold and silver, are also nice for subtle statements and panache, but a little of it goes a long way.

Flowers. If the hope is to have flowers that are in season, you won't have much luck. There are some beautiful and exotic options blooming at summer's end, like the stargazer lily, orchids, sunflowers, snapdragons, and the fragile magnolia, but these flowers are bigger and are statement flora that could overwhelm the rest of the composition if used too excessively. Fortunately, thanks to local florists, you do not have to be limited by what is in season. Dusky roses and blanched hyacinths make a beautiful pairing, and creating a bouquet out of alternative materials such as feather, wheat, cranberries, succulents, and even paper or felt flowers can lead to stunning and photogenic arrangements. For centerpieces, let the changing landscape inspire you by displaying bare manzanita trees decorated with pearl strands or crystal droplets. You can also gather fallen limbs and twigs and spray paint them in glittery metals and drop them in glass or crystal vases.

In fact, because September is still outside of the traditional wedding trunk, there is plenty of room to be creative and more importantly plenty of time (since it is further into the calendar year) to perfectly plan. But first thing is first—you've got to have the perfect ring. Set your September wedding plans in action and stop by Noe's Jewelry for an engagement ring consultation.

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