2024 Wedding Trends: Engagement Rings for the New Year
Are you planning to take the next step in your relationship in 2024? If making that exciting lifetime commitment is one of your goals for this year, you’re probably on the hunt for the perfect engagement ring. And, you’re likely...
Create Special Custom Bridal Jewelry at Noe’s Jewelry

For many people, the most special day of their life is the day that they walk down the aisle. Every bride is unique, and there are a million ways to show off your personality and taste on your wedding day. One thing that many brides don’t think of is custom bridal jewelry.

Bride and Groom Wedding Gift Exchange Ideas

A wedding tradition that many couples are incorporating into their big days is a gift to one another. The idea behind these gifts is that they are a little treat for your future spouse before you get to see each other on the big day. 

Tips for Finding the Perfect Wedding Band

Engagement rings are known for their beauty but finding the perfect complement to an engagement ring can make selecting a wedding band incredibly difficult for many women. Noe’s Jewelry knows that it can be hard, with our tips, you should be able to find the band that best suits your engagement ring and your personal style.

How to Decide What Jewelry to Wear on Your Wedding Day

Every bride wants to look perfect on the day of her wedding. After selecting the perfect dress and shoes, it is time to focus your attention on picking the perfect jewelry for the day. Noe’s Jewelry is here to help you decide what you should wear with your dress on your big deal.

Autumn Weddings in Kansas City are Cool and Colorful

It used to be that June was "the" month for weddings. There was even a movie about it: June Bride (1948) starring Bette Davis. It's easy to see why—those warm, fresh summer breezes rustle the green leaves of outdoor locations by day, and those long nights are perfect for outdoor dancing. But more and more, autumn weddings are becoming increasingly popular.

Diamond Wedding Bands are Still the Most Popular Style of Wedding Band

Congratulations—he liked it, and he put a ring on it! But of course, getting that engagement ring on your finger to prove you're engaged is really only step one.