Bride and Groom Wedding Gift Exchange Ideas

A wedding tradition that many couples are incorporating into their big days is a gift to one another. The idea behind these gifts is that they are a little treat for your future spouse before you get to see each other on the big day. The gifts are often accompanied by a letter that you read before walking down the aisle.

Since weddings can be very expensive, many brides and grooms are probably trying to stay on budget when it comes to the gifts they are buying for each other. While there are endless possibilities for a gift for your future bride or groom, many people are turning toward a few specific things to show their love for their fiancé on their big day.


Jewelry is often considered a symbol of love, so what better gift to give the person you are about to marry. Brides often pick a stylish watch for their soon-to-be husbands, while grooms have been known to purchase bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and rings (NOT the wedding band!) for their brides.

One way to make jewelry extra special for your future spouse is to get it engraved. A personal message to your loved one is a great way to make any piece of jewelry that much more special. Watches, rings, lockets, and even other pieces of jewelry can be engraved with a special saying, name, or date.

At Noe’s Jewelry in Raymore, Missouri, you can find the perfect gift for your spouse with the help of our knowledgeable jewelers. With options in all price ranges, brides and grooms will be able to get a beautiful gift for each other without breaking the bank after spending all that money on a beautiful wedding.

Personalized Goodies

Another fun option for a bride and groom gift exchange is a personalized item. Consider what your future spouse enjoys. A coffee lover may enjoy a personalized coffee mug set, while a jewelry lover will love a personalized jewelry box. Find something that your spouse will love and find a way to make it personal.


When considering photos for your significant other, there are many options. Some brides are opting to do boudoir photo shoots and then provide their groom with an album of photos. Other options are beautiful picture frames or albums that can be used to hold your favorite engagement and wedding photos for a very special reminder of the big day ahead of you.

If you are looking for a great gift idea for your bride or groom on your wedding day, call or drop by Noe’s Jewelry at 816-322-7227. Our jewelers will help you select the perfect piece of jewelry for your special someone to open on your wedding day.