Autumn Weddings in Kansas City are Cool and Colorful

It used to be that June was "the" month for weddings. There was even a movie about it: June Bride (1948) starring Bette Davis. It's easy to see why—those warm, fresh summer breezes rustle the green leaves of outdoor locations by day, and those long nights are perfect for outdoor dancing. But more and more, autumn weddings are becoming increasingly popular. These days, over 26% of all U.S. weddings occur during the months of September, October, and November. And why not? While some people are sad to see the summer's sunshine subside, plenty more enjoy the relief from the heat… that crispness in the air… the crackling of colorful leaves… the pumpkin spice lattes. Yes, autumn weddings make sense, when you think about it. Not only do you have that warm pallet of cozy colors to work with, and amazing outdoor landscapes to take pictures in, but also it's actually cool enough for people to get really dressed up. And those seasonal elements can be worked into everything from your wedding cake to your wedding bouquets, your table décor to your invitations. Plus, think of all the yummy fall foods you can have at your reception—stews, roasts, squashes… the list is endless!

Lots of wedding traditions are changing these days—not just the best time of year to have them. And that's great! Here at Noe's Jewelry in Raymore, we love to see things change with the times! We believe that love is the most important thing when two people decide to get married… not the time of year they choose to do it, or even the stone that goes into the engagement ring. Now, there's nothing wrong or "old fashioned" about a diamond solitaire engagement ring—it's just that like so many other things about weddings, engagement rings have become more inclusive.

If the love of your life is an autumn-lover, why not propose with a ring that echoes the colors of that season? A citrine engagement ring, for example, will be unique and eye-catching and evocative of shuffling through piles of fallen leaves—and there are plenty of other colored stones that you can use to propose when you come in to look at all the engagement rings in Kansas City that Noe's Jewelry has to offer. And if your spouse-to-be likes traditional diamond engagement rings—go for it! If you plan an autumn wedding, you can always get warm-colored stones set into your wedding band, especially if you do a custom wedding band out of the Le Vian jewelry line. Noe's is proud to feature Le Vian rings, and their signature Chocolate Diamonds will make any wedding band distinctive and unique. They'll also remind you both of your amazing fall wedding for years to come.

If you're intrigued by any of this, Noe's Jewelry is having a custom engagement ring design event on October 4th, with a specific focus on colored stones and unique bands. If you and your spouse-to-be are thinking about an autumn-inspired engagement ring or custom inspired wedding bands, come in and see what dreams we can make come true!

Noe's Jewelry offers the finest engagement rings in Kansas City at our Raymore, Missouri jewelry store. Come in on October 4th and peruse our customizable lines and our loose stones!