Tips for Finding the Perfect Wedding Band

Engagement rings are known for their beauty but finding the perfect complement to an engagement ring can make selecting a wedding band incredibly difficult for many women. Noe’s Jewelry knows that it can be hard, with our tips, you should be able to find the band that best suits your engagement ring and your personal style.

1. Metal Type

The best way to ensure that your band pairs with your engagement ring is to pick a band in the same metal as the engagement ring. You may think that choosing the same color in different metals will work, but metals wear differently, and over time, the two rings could look vastly different.

2. Style

You will obviously want to choose a band that fits your personal style, but if you plan on wearing the band with your engagement ring, you want to be mindful that the band doesn’t overwhelm the engagement ring. The two could complement one another instead of competing. To do this, make sure that the rings have something in common. For example, maybe the stones in both rings are the same shape, or they have a similar engraving pattern. You can also pair a really simple band with a very elaborate engagement ring to make the engagement ring stand out more.

3. Don’t Worry About Matching

You love your partner, but that doesn’t mean your rings need to match. Many couples get caught up trying to match one another, and then neither of the parties get what they really want. Celebrate your differences and select rings regardless of how they look together. Nobody else will think anything of your mismatched wedding bands.

If you really want to find a way to tie your bands together, consider matching engravings or other personalized touches that will still let both of you love your own rings.

4. Shop with the Engagement Ring

When you start looking at wedding bands, bring the engagement ring along. When you have the engagement ring, you can pair the bands with the ring to see what you do and don’t like next to the engagement ring. Without the ring, there is always the chance that you love both your engagement ring and band separately, but not the look of the two when put together.

If you are looking for wedding bands, come down to Noe’s Jewelry in Raymore, Missouri. Our jewelers can help you find just the styles you are looking for and help you pair the perfect band with your engagement ring. You can call us today at 816-322-7227.