How Estate Jewelry Ties You to the Past

Jewelry is valuable due to the metals and precious stones used to create each piece. However, jewelry has more value than just its monetary value. Jewelry can be historic and provide ties to the past. Whether it be familial ties or just ties to a specific period of history, estate jewelry is beloved by many.

When shopping for estate jewelry, your first thought may not rush to who used to own the piece or when it was created. The beauty of the piece is probably going to be the first thing you notice, but the history of the piece is important. Learning about who made the piece can make it more special and valuable.

If the jewelry was once owned by someone in the public eye, it could be even more valuable than expected. For example, a pair of rhinestone earrings worn by Marilyn Monroe to the premiere of The Rose Tattoo in 1955 sold for $185,000 in 2014. The value of the earrings would’ve been very little due to the fact that they were made with rhinestones instead of diamonds, but the value placed on the earrings comes from the fact that they once belonged to someone who was famous. The previous owners of a piece of jewelry could make the item collectible, which means that no matter the face value of the piece, it could be worth a lot more money to someone.

The creator of the piece can also make it more valuable. A Cartier bracelet could hold significant value just because it was created by that particular brand, while a similar piece created by a lesser known company doesn’t have nearly the same value.

The time period a piece of jewelry comes from can also add value. An extremely old piece of jewelry or one in a particular style, such as art deco, could become extremely valuable for some people.

Estate jewelry is a very unique market. Since to be considered estate jewelry, a piece must be previously owned by another person, it is impossible to know just what will be on the market when you are looking for a piece.

Fortunately for those in the Kansas City area, Noe’s Jewelry carries a wide variety of estate jewelry. From rings to brooches to necklaces, you can find all kinds of unique pieces from all different eras. There is a piece of estate jewelry for literally everyone, and with all the different options, it may even be hard to decide what you want to leave with.

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