Something Blue Jewelry Pieces for Your Wedding Day
For the traditional bride, finding your “something blue” is an essential part of wedding planning. If you’re stuck on what to choose, you may consider jewelry as the perfect statement piece. Jewelry is an excellent option because it can add...
A Stone Fell Out of Its Setting. What Do I Do Now?!
A beautiful piece of jewelry is something that can be admired for decades—maybe even centuries. But even the most beautiful pieces can fall victim to a missing stone. What causes stones to fall out of their settings, and how can...
Tips for Cleaning Your Jewelry at Home
You want your jewelry to sparkle, but over time dirt, dust, and moisture can make it tarnish. If you notice your jewelry has lost some of its shine, it may be time to contact your nearest jeweler. For the DIY...
Diamond and Gemstone Shapes 101
When it comes to gem and diamond quality, the cut is just one of the four Cs of gemstone grading. The cut determines the shape and the finished gem’s appearance. Standard shapes like rounds dominate the market, but there are...
Should Your Engagement Ring and Wedding Dress Be the Same Style?
Once you get engaged, planning for the big day starts! One of the first things that many brides concern themselves with is their dress. Some brides have a very particular style, and they like their ring and wedding gown to...
2021 KC Engagement Ring Trends
Planning on getting engaged in 2021? If so, you are probably browsing engagement rings online or even going into jewelry stores. With the vast options, you may be wondering which engagement ring styles will be popular this year. Our survey...
Gemstone Guide Series: Alexandrite
One of the most unique gemstones in the world is alexandrite. It has a chameleon-like quality because it changes colors based on the light. At Noe's Jewelry, we know that many jewelry lovers are curious about this special stone. This...
Gemstone Guide Series: Diamond
Diamonds are the best-known gemstones in the world. They are highly desirable based on their beauty and value. While many people know a little about these unique gemstones, not many people truly understand what a diamond is or how to...
Gemstone Guide Series: Citrine
The bright yellow-orange hue of citrine is hard to miss. At Noe’s Jewelry, we encourage our Kansas City customers to consider citrine when looking for a yellowish gemstone at a lower price point than fancy yellow diamonds or topaz. What...
Gemstone Guide Series: Peridot

There are two primary green gemstones available: peridot and emerald. At Noe’s Jewelry, we offer a variety of different peridot pieces for our customers, but we also want to teach people about these unique stones.

Gemstone Guide Series: Morganite

Morganite has become a popular gemstone choice due do its salmon color, which has been a trendy color in general over the past decade or so.

Gemstone Guide Series: Aquamarine

As the birthstone for March, aquamarine is commonly found in jewelry store display cases. Getting its name from the Latin aqua marina, meaning "seawater," these gemstones are known for their unique watery appearance.

Gemstone Guide Series: Sapphire

At Noe’s Jewelry, we know just how much our customers love blue sapphires and the other available color options, so we hope to educate buyers on these unique gemstones.

Gemstone Guide Series: Garnet

Garnet gemstones are unique in the fact that they are available in almost every color. The mineral group that garnet belongs to includes numerous stones, including Andradite, Rhodolite, and Pyrope.

Gemstone Guide Series: Topaz

Since it was first discovered in Portugal in 1768, topaz has been celebrated for its beauty.

Gemstone Guide Series: Pearl

Pearls are known for their beauty, but not many people know much about these delicate gems.

Gemstone Guide Series: Opal

Opals are known for their colorful appearance, but there is so much more to know about these beautiful precious stones.

Gemstone Guide Series: Amethyst

The brilliant purple color of the amethyst has made it one of the most popular gemstones in the world. Since these stones are so popular, at Noe’s Jewelry, we get a lot of questions about them.

Gemstone Guide Series: Emerald

Emeralds are known for their deep green color. These beautiful gemstones are some of the most popular on the gem market today.

Gemstone Guide Series: Ruby

At Noe’s Jewelry, one of our favorite gemstones is the ruby. However, we know that our customers have a lot of questions about these gemstones.

Ultimate Guide to Purchasing a Watch

Buying a watch can be a very overwhelming experience. There are seemingly endless options to choose from at a variety of prices ranging from less than $20 to hundreds of thousands of dollars.