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Something Blue Jewelry Pieces for Your Wedding Day

For the traditional bride, finding your “something blue” is an essential part of wedding planning. If you’re stuck on what to choose, you may consider jewelry as the perfect statement piece. Jewelry is an excellent option because it can add a subtle touch of color with your white dress and can last for years after your special day.

At Noe’s Jewelry, we have many different options for blue jewelry pieces that are chic and timeless. Our local jewelers can help you find something unique and memorable to help make your big day even more extraordinary.

Why You Should Choose Jewelry for Your Something Blue

There are many reasons why you should choose jewelry for your something blue. Jewelry is exceptional and made to withstand many years. Even after your wedding day, it can be passed down to future generations—and future brides—as family keepsakes.

Jewelry is also highly personalized to fit any style you are looking for. Whether your wedding dress is ball a gown, A-line, or mermaid style, you can find the perfect matching necklace, bracelet, or earrings that fits your personality and needs. Blue jewelry can give your look a certain amount of flair on your wedding day, as well.

There are many different types of blue gems, and the price of jewelry can vary depending on its shape, style, and the gemstones used to create the piece. Fortunately, there is something blue in every price range.

Types of Blue Stones

Blue is a popular choice for gemstones. It’s a calming, serene color that symbolizes health and stability, so it’s a perfect option for your wedding day. Here are our top choices for blue gemstones and options you can consider when buying your something blue:

  • Alexandrite: Alexandrite can come in a range of color options and is highly durable, making it a popular choice for jewelry. If you want a unique shade of blue, like one with an emerald hue, the color of alexandrite is very adjustable to fit your needs.
  • Aquamarine: Weddings on the beach are the perfect opportunity to wear aquamarine jewelry. The sea-blue color of this stone is light and reflective, and the gem itself is very durable.
  • Sapphire: Like many stones, sapphire comes in a range of colors. However, blue is the most well-known and popular option. Among natural gemstones, sapphire is extremely durable and is comparable to a diamond in that it resists chipping and breaking easily.
  • Tanzanite: This blue-purple stone is rarer than other gems, so it’s a perfect option if you want something more unique for your wedding day. Because it’s not as popular, it is more expensive than other stones and can range from dark, intense blue to lighter blue shades.
  • Topaz: Topaz is colorless when found in nature, so it can be dyed with vibrant blue colors. This gemstone is more affordable than other stones and is a great option for a tighter budget. Blue topaz also comes in different varieties, so it can be easily personalized depending on the shade of blue you’re looking for.
  • Turquoise: Turquoise is a popular and cheap option for jewelry. It can break easily, so it has to be cared for to keep its opaque color and design. Although cheaper than other stones, turquoise can still bring a bright, distinct look to your wedding outfit.
  • Zircon: Blue zircon is comparable to diamonds in its appearance but is cheaper and can come in many different colors. Zircon is more brittle than other stones, so it may become easily damaged if it’s not taken care of properly.

Something Blue Jewelry Ideas

Here are a few something blue jewelry ideas that we offer here at Noe’s Jewelry that you might want to consider for your wedding day.


Whether you choose studs or ones that dangle, earrings are a subtle way to incorporate something blue into your wedding day. Varying styles can even be used to add a unique touch to match your wedding hairstyle. Here are our favorite earring options.

something blue jewelry
  1. Turquoise Stud Earrings

These stud earrings contain “mineral glow” turquoise with a dropped sterling silver rhodium charm feature. The unique shape of the settings these earrings display ensures that they dazzle on your big day. Since these earrings make a big statement, you might want to go with a more subtle necklace or bracelet should you decide to incorporate other pieces of jewelry into your wedding day look.

something blue jewelry
  1. Blue Zircon Earrings

These beautiful earrings contain a 14-karat white gold oval blue zircon surrounded by 44 round diamonds in a halo. You can show off their elegant style with that gorgeous wedding up-do, and the diamonds will perfectly match your wedding day look.

something blue jewelry
  1. Sapphire Stud Earrings

These sapphire stud earrings are perfect for adding a subtle hint of blue to your wedding day, without taking the focus away from your beautiful dress. The round sapphire stones are lab-created, allowing for the earrings to be a more affordable option.

  1. Blue Topaz Earrings

Like the sapphire and zircon studded earrings, these 10-karat blue topaz earrings are subtle yet lovely. They have two round genuine blue topaz stones that are surrounded by 34 round diamonds. The raised look of the topaz from the diamonds gives depth to these earrings, so they are sure to shine even after the reception is over.

  1. Turquoise Drop Hoop Earrings
If you love the look of turquoise earrings but want something a little flashier, these drop hoop earrings are a perfect choice. They contain tidal turquoise that is plated with sterling silver rhodium. Dangle earrings work well with any hairstyle and they’ll reflect the high energy of your special day.


Necklaces are unique jewelry pieces and can be worn for years after your wedding day. Blue gemstone necklaces can add a dainty look to any dress neckline, so you can easily add a pop of color that stands out.

  1. Blue Sapphire Pendant

This classic sapphire pendant offers one deep-shade, genuine blue gem. The round sapphire is framed by 16 diamonds and has five more diamonds on the bail. The royal blue of this gemstone is made to add a little extra sparkle for that moment when you walk down the aisle.

  1. Blue Alexandrite Diamond Pendant

This 14-karat white gold pendant has one blue alexandrite gem accented by a round diamond. Alexandrite is a very unique gem because of its color-changing qualities. The shades of this blue stone may appear slightly different depending on the light it’s exposed to. This pendant also has a simple setting, putting emphasis on the stone and letting it shine.

  1. Deep Sea Blue Topaz Pendant

For a more traditional look, chocolate diamonds have become popular and blend well with blue-colored gems like this deep sea-blue topaz. The 14-karat strawberry gold diamond pendant has one oval blue topaz with 26 round vanilla diamonds surrounding the center gemstone. There are also 13 chocolate diamonds decorating the bail. This necklace is traditional, elegant, and offers a unique quality with the use of chocolate diamonds.

  1. Tanzanite and Blue Topaz Pendant

This necklace is a great option for those wanting to wear a larger pendant. The 14-karat white gold pendant contains two types of blue stones—tanzanite and blue topaz. It is also decorated with amethyst and diamonds, making this pendant busy and bold. This necklace is perfect for the bride with a bold, colorful style.

  1. Turquoise Pendant

This “mineral glow” turquoise pendant necklace is sterling silver plated with yellow gold. There is a certain aestheticism with the two gold charms along one side of the chain that make this necklace chic. The 22-inch chain is even adjustable so you can wear at the length that works best with your wedding dress.

  1. Aquamarine Pendant
This necklace, with its aquamarine pendant, offers a subtle light blue glisten to your wedding day look. Since it’s almost clear like a diamond, it’s a clever way to incorporate your something blue into your wedding day without it being too bold. Nineteen diamonds surround the center gemstone.


Your left ring finger may be getting all the attention come wedding day, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t decorate your hands with other rings as well. It’s likely your hands will appear in a lot of your wedding pictures, so you’ll want jewelry that’s subtle but can still make a statement.

  1. Blueberry Sapphire Diamond Ring

This 14-karat three stone ring gives off the vibe of eating blueberry pie with a glass of champagne. The three blueberry sapphire stones come with a halo of 36 vanilla diamonds, making this ring appear casual yet elegant and modest.

  1. Ceylon Sapphire Diamond Ring

Ceylon sapphire is the highest-quality sapphire you can find. This 14-karat vanilla gold art deco ring offers a more traditional look with one round cornflower Ceylon sapphire surrounded by 22 diamonds. With its unique touch, the blue of the Ceylon sapphire feels almost galactic.

  1. Blue Topaz Ring

For something a bit more modest, this 10-karat white gold stackable band is perfect. It’s set with four round blue topaz stones and three round brilliant cut diamonds. It could even be used as a wedding band for brides who want a little extra color added to their daily jewelry.

  1. Blue Topaz, Amethyst, and Tanzanite Ring

If the tanzanite and blue topaz pendant stuck out to you, then this ring is perfect to match. It’s 14-karat white gold with blue topaz, amethyst, tanzanite, and diamonds. Although larger than other rings, it’s the perfect statement piece for extra style on your wedding day. This ring is made for the bride with a colorful, bold style that wants to be as glam as possible.

  1. Rose Gold Blue Zircon Stone Ring

Although silver jewelry is known to match almost anything you wear, there are benefits to gold-plated pieces. This LeVian 14-karat rose gold ring has an oval blue zircon. LeVian specializes in creating pieces with uniquely-named diamonds, like the 64 vanilla diamonds that sit around the center stone. The rose gold mixing with the bright blue of the gemstone is the perfect mix of color and gives off ocean vibes.

  1. Blue Topaz Ring with Chocolate Diamonds

This LeVian ring offers a similar style to the rose gold zircon ring above. The 14-karat ring offers an oval London blue topaz with 28 chocolate and vanilla diamonds. Levian’s special chocolate diamonds are a new favorite in the jewelry market and bring a distinct dark color to offset the deep teal blue and gold.

  1. Turquoise Claw Ring

For a more affordable option, this turquoise claw ring is less expensive yet still fashionable. It’s also practical in style and can match other outfits besides your wedding dress. The crescent moon shape mixed with the sterling silver rhodium plated turquoise brings a touch of nature to your wedding outfit. This is the kind of ring that many women would enjoy as a daily wearer.

  1. Aquamarine Ring
The light blue color of aquamarine brings elegance to any outfit. This 14-karat ring has a white gold oval aquamarine gemstone with a halo of 20 round prong-set diamonds. The small ring band allows for more emphasis to be placed on the stone itself, so you’re sure to feel fancy with this upscale gem.


Bracelets can bring a graceful look to your wedding outfit. You can proudly show off your something blue as you walk down the aisle holding your bouquet. Here are a couple of our favorite bracelet options.

  1. Blue Topaz Bracelet

This sterling silver rhodium plated bracelet features 15 emerald cut blue topaz, making this a very elegant option for any bride. The small blue stones are subtle yet fancy, so your wrist will feel light and classy. For the bride that wants the blue color to really stand out, you can always paint your fingernails to match.

  1. Turquoise Bracelet

If you’re looking for something to match your turquoise earrings, this bracelet is a perfect match. Although simple in design, it offers a tidal turquoise gemstone plated with sterling silver rhodium. Turquoise is really an understated gem because of its opaque and diverse design.

Don’t let your something blue stump you on your wedding day. Instead, find a piece of jewelry that is charming and that you will cherish for years to come. There are many different stone varieties to choose from and shades of blue to consider. Your something blue has the opportunity to bring a personalized and memorable element to your wedding day.

As your trusted Kansas City jewelry store, Noe’s Jewelry is here for all your something blue needs. Our trusted experts can match you with a jewelry piece you’ll love or help you design something extra special for your wedding day. Stop by and see us in Raymore, Missouri today, or contact us at 816-322-7227.