2021 kc engagement ring trends

2021 KC Engagement Ring Trends

Planning on getting engaged in 2021? If so, you are probably browsing engagement rings online or even going into jewelry stores. With the vast options, you may be wondering which engagement ring styles will be popular this year.

Our survey of recently engaged or married brides in the Kansas City metro area discovered a few emerging engagement ring trends. The brides in our survey were all asked the same set of questions regarding their engagement rings.

This article covers 2021 KC engagement ring trends learned from real brides in the Kansas City area.

Engagement Ring Materials

When it comes to engagement ring materials, there are various beautiful options from which to choose. Among the surveyed Kansas City brides, 55 percent reported that their rings are made of white gold, while 3 percent have platinum, making 58 percent of the rings a white color.

Rose gold seems to be a popular choice nationwide, but only ten percent of our surveyed brides have rose gold engagement rings. While yellow gold is currently trending on the coasts and making its way into the Midwest, only three percent of our surveyed KC brides have yellow gold rings.

As far as center stones are concerned, 62 percent of survey respondents have a diamond as their main stone. Fourteen percent of these brides have cubic zirconia center stones. The only other gems reported in the survey were sapphire, moissanite, and morganite.

Rebecca J. of Kansas City, Missouri, said her fiancé went rogue and bought her engagement ring without her suspecting anything. He did a lot of research and decided on a moissanite stone because it was more ethical and affordable than diamonds, allowing him to get a stone with larger carat weight.

The center stone for 45 percent of our brides is between 0.5 and one carat in weight, while 34 percent are between one and two carats.

Engagement Ring Styles

The two most common engagement ring styles were halo (38 percent) and vintage (21 percent). One of the most unique styles listed by our surveyed brides was floral. Kieryn B. of Lansing, Kansas, said that she chose a flower setting because it was unique but not too flashy.

As far as diamond shape is concerned, round was the overwhelming favorite among the surveyed brides. Forty-five percent of the brides surveyed have round center stones, while only 14 percent have princess, oval, and pear cuts. Seven percent of the surveyed brides have cushion cut diamonds.

We asked the brides which of the 4 Cs were the most important to them when considering their engagement ring. Out of all of the options, clarity was the most important, with 35 percent of the brides saying that it was the most important factor of all the 4 Cs. However, 31 percent of the brides said they were indifferent.

4cs graph

According to our brides, outside of the 4 Cs, uniqueness was the most important factor in the style of engagement rings. In fact, 45 percent of our brides said that uniqueness was the most important factor for them. Style accounted for 24 percent and symmetry for ten percent.

Engagement Ring Purchasing

Purchasing an engagement ring signifies the start of new journey for couples. However, where are couples purchasing rings? More than 52 percent of our respondents have rings that were purchased from major national brands. Only three percent of our surveyed brides had an heirloom ring passed down by another member of their family. Leaving only 45 percent of purchases being made at small businesses.

More than three-quarters of our brides reported that their rings were less than $5,000, and 35 percent said that their rings actually cost less than $1,000.

price of engagement rings

For many couples, ring shopping is something they do together. Fifty-five percent of the surveyed brides were involved in the ring selection process. Many of the brides stated that they were involved in the process because they are picky, and these brides wanted to have a say since they would be wearing the ring every day. Others said their significant other wanted them to be part of the process.

Kieryn said, "My husband asked me to help him pick it out because he wanted me to have a ring I loved. I didn't mind because it was something special we got to do."

On the other hand, some brides prefer the element of surprise. Of the 45 percent of brides who were not involved in the ring selection process, a few said they didn't want any part in shopping for a ring. One bride stated that she was very against taking part in choosing a ring.

"I love surprises and knew my love would do great. I gave zero opinions on what I wanted," said Mackenzie D. of Belton, Missouri.

Only 28 percent of the brides had custom-designed rings. Surprisingly, 64 percent of the brides with custom rings weren't involved in designing the rings.

At Noe's Jewelry, we were interested in determining our local brides' upcoming trends to serve them better as they come into our store. If you are shopping for an engagement, stop into our Raymore shop or shop our full selection of engagement rings online.