Celebrate the Special People in your Life with Jewelry

The holidays, especially from a marketing perspective, can become somewhat of a blur. Before one is close to taking place, the merchandising for another is sitting right alongside it. This year even before the New Year got underway, the stores began displaying hearts of red and pink and a variety of Valentine’s sweets. Come January, the message was clear to all that it was time to start planning for Valentine’s Day. If you love the holiday, that’s wonderful, but perhaps you see the day of love being the domain of couples and elementary school children. If that sentiment describes you, there’s a growing movement out there that’s is modifying the sentiment of Valentine’s Day to make it more inclusive.

Not yet on Every Calendar

If you haven’t yet guessed, we’re talking about Galentine’s Day. Celebrated on February 13th, Galentine’s Day began four years ago as a fictionalized holiday on NBC’s Parks and Recreation TV series with Amy Poehler. The premise was that while February 14 was for couples and lovers, the day before was all about getting together with the faithful girlfriends in our life. Fast forward several years and the phrase Galentine’s Day has evolved from a vehicle for a sitcom punchline into a fun day of celebration for women across the U.S., single or otherwise.

Being a newly crowned holiday, Galentine’s Day is more about having fun with your female friends rather than about honoring set traditions. Some celebrate the day with brunches or happy hours while others make or buy small gifts for their friends.

Create a New Tradition this Year

This February, why not surprise the Galentines on your list with a beautiful necklace, bracelet or earrings? Noe’s Jewelry in Raytown, Missouri, offers a wide range of lovely pieces in a range of prices to fit every budget.

Bracelets – Choose from bangle, link, cuff, bead, sterling silver and gold bracelets. Each bracelet is a nice way to remind others how much you care about them. A link bracelet can also be a great way to start a tradition that can be added to for many events to come. If you don’t want to leave your male friends out, Noe’s Jewelry offers men’s bracelets as well. Some bracelets are also wide enough to include an engraved message on the back.

Earrings – From a conservative stud earring to ear candy that speaks for itself, Noe’s Jewelry has you covered. Noe’s offers earrings that dangle, hoops, huggies, pearl, sterling silver and gold earrings. Whether you choose a similar pair for all of your Galentines or look for a pair that suits their personality and shape, we look forward to helping you choose the perfect pair.

Rings – Bump up your Galentine’s style quotient with a fashion ring from Noe’s Jewelry. We have a beautiful selection of stackable, cocktail/bauble or traditional rings that will give new meaning to the phrase friendship ring. Stop by and see our beautiful selection of rings today.

This February, think of Noe’s Jewelry for both your Valentines as well as your Galentines. Visit us online at Noe’s Jewelry or in person at our store in Raytown, Missouri. Our Wish List feature can also make gift giving for holidays, birthdays and special occasions even easier.