Valentine's Day Gift Ideas: Necklaces, Earrings, and Bracelets


When it comes to Valentine's Day gifts, we think of chocolate, flowers, and jewelry. We also think of messages and what sentiments our gifts may convey. While chocolate connotes sweetness, and flowers connote beauty, they are temporary gifts that, while enjoyed, are consumed and wilted, whatever meaning they carried lost in the trash and forgotten by the next Hallmark holiday. If we want our special Valentine's gift to carry a more permanent message, giving jewelry is the best option, but also the trickiest. Usually diamonds are the go-to jewel, but when we think of diamonds we usually think of engagement rings, which in this instance may be either premature or redundant based on the status of your relationship. In fact, it is common wisdom that if you are not thinking of popping the question anytime soon, then it is best to avoid giving any kind of ring as a present. Luckily, Noe's Jewelry offers a wide-array of designer necklaces, bracelets, and earrings that will give your Valentine the message most appropriate for your relationship status.

Instead of heart-shaped boxes, how about heart-shaped studs? Earrings are the most neutral and easiest to select, and at Noe's Jewelry they range from simple sterling silver drops to diamond studs to the modern two-tone diamond and gemstone statement pieces from designer Simon G. Traditionally, bracelets are a beautiful but neutral bauble to give someone early in a relationship, whereas necklaces are more ideal for serious commitments. Noe's Jewelry has a versatile selection of designer necklaces, from stunning pendants made of fine and rare gemstones such as smoky topaz and black agate, flattering quartz-threaded chokers, and of course, strings of variegated freshwater pearls.


Gemstones can be powerful symbols for your Valentine, and should carefully be chosen. Of course, the easiest route to selecting an appropriate stone would be to pick a piece with her birthstone, which can be figured out by a quick Google search, or by a store consultant. Keep in mind that, birth months aside, specific gems can carry special meaning if you are looking for something more significant. Sapphires represent loyalty, while both rubies and garnet represent passionate devotion; all pretty ideal messages for serious relationships. Emeralds represent faithfulness, and were said to be favored by the goddess Venus and the Queen Cleopatra (neither figures who were known for monogamy, but they are romantic icons nonetheless). If you are shopping for your wife, pearls have been the mascot for domestic bliss for aeons.


If your special lady friend has all the accessories she needs, redesigning a damaged heirloom or loose stone would be a delightful Valentine's surprise. Noe's Jewelry offers jewelry repair and redesign services to revamp and resurrect beloved and precious treasures.


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