upgrading engagement ring

Tips for Upgrading Your Engagement Ring

As the years go on and special anniversaries pop up, couples may decide to upgrade the bride’s engagement ring. Styles may change, or you may have more money to spend on this special ring than you did when you initially got married.

Whether you’re looking to buy a bigger stone, a different setting, or you’d like to design something of your own, Noe’s Jewelry is here to help as one of the top jewelers in Kansas City. Because the ring represents such a special moment, couples should carefully choose what modifications they wish to make.

When It’s Time to Upgrade Your Ring

There are many reasons why you might decide to upgrade your engagement ring. While reasons can vary depending on your personal circumstances, some common reasons couples decide to purchase an upgrade include:

  • Anniversaries: An upgraded engagement ring is a great way to celebrate a vow renewal or special anniversaries, such as silver or gold anniversaries.
  • Special Event or Celebrating Success: Couples that find more success, whether financially or personally, may decide to upgrade an engagement ring to celebrate.
  • Style Update: It’s no surprise that engagement rings go out of style, especially since designers are creating new styles all the time. While some jewelry can be timeless, you may want to keep up with changing trends or styles by updating your engagement ring.
  • Restyling an Heirloom: If you’re about to get married or you’ve been married and suddenly receive a family heirloom, you may want to modify or update certain elements of the engagement ring so it can last for many years to come.

Upgrade Options

When it comes to redesigning an engagement ring, there are many different routes you can take. Some people may choose to have something customized and completely redesigned to fit what they want. Others may need to trade in a ring they no longer want. Whatever the reason, the redesign or upgrade process should be enjoyable for you and your partner.

New Stone

You may decide to change the stone of your ring, either by trading in your current diamond for a different cut or higher quality stone, or choosing a different stone completely. If you didn’t initially have the budget to purchase a large stone when you got engaged, investing in something a little bit bigger is a great change.

You can also consider adding colorful stones, such as a birthstone. Many people choose to incorporate the birthstones of their children or their significant other into jewelry pieces, and an engagement ring is no different. You may also try adding new stones to the one you already have for a more complex look, sush as a three-stone design.

New Setting

There is a wide range of stone settings available, especially if you’re thinking about resetting old diamonds. You can always have the original stone reset as a side stone, making room for a larger gem.

Most ring designers will let you swap out your current setting and keep the original stones, so it’s possible to add other decorative stones or family diamonds to your current ring design.

New Band

Consider giving your engagement ring a fresh look by choosing a new band or changing the metal type completely. Upgrading to a new band gives your engagement ring a new look while keeping the original center stone. Your band may need to be resized, or you may want to choose a different design to give your diamond a fresh look.

Quickly modernize your engagement ring by choosing a different metal. Platinum or white gold will look more contemporary and are easier to match with your wardrobe than yellow or rose gold. However, keep in mind that if you want to choose a different metal type, you may have to start from scratch with your ring’s setting as well. Changing metal types or bands is a great way to take advantage of as many upgrades or changes as possible.

Add a Ring Enhancer

If you’re looking for a simpler upgrade option, consider adding a ring enhancer, anniversary band, or wrap. This is a great modification to make if you’re looking to preserve your original engagement ring and boost its appearance.

Custom Design or Engraving

Custom engagement rings are a perfect option for those looking to completely redo their ring and try something different. This may be a tough decision if you have sentimental value attached to your current ring; however, many people choose to wear their first engagement ring on their other hand or pass it down to other family members as an heirloom.

Starting from scratch can give you an engagement ring with a fresh look. You can even repurpose stones from your first ring into the new design. Consider adding an engraving of your wedding date or your partner’s initials for a special touch.

upgrading engagement ring

Things to Consider When Upgrading

There are other factors to consider if you’re looking to upgrade your engagement ring. For those wanting to trade in their current ring for something else, it’s important to consider how much value your current ring holds, as well as its modification capabilities.


If you’re planning to trade-in or sell your current ring to upgrade to a brand new one, it’s a good idea to have your current ring appraised. A knowledgeable and reputable buyer can help you get the most value out of your old ring that you can use to purchase the new one.

To evaluate how much your current engagement ring is worth, you’ll need to have an assessment done by a professional jewelry appraiser. If you’re planning on keeping parts of your current engagement ring to be redesigned, you should still get each component appraised that you won’t be reusing. Selling these parts for a high value means you’ll have funds to go towards financing your new ring.

It’s important to remember that your diamond’s resale value will not be what you paid for it initially. Because there’s no real consensus on a diamond market price, and since the original purchase price included profit percentages, you won’t get all of your money back.

Size and Style

When you begin to look for your new engagement ring, you’ll want to consider the 4 C’s: carat, clarity, color, and cut. These elements can help you determine what kind of diamond or other gemstone you are looking for and what size you want.

  • Carat: The carat weight determines the weight of the diamond. Diamonds with a higher carat weight tend to be more expensive.
  • Clarity: Diamonds are created under immense pressure, so sometimes they may have inclusions or blemishes. Clarity means finding any characteristics about the gem that might be flawed.
  • Color: Regarding diamonds, color refers to the presence or absence of color in the stone due to its composition and how it has aged over time. Colorless diamonds allow light to easily travel through, whereas diamonds with color do not.
  • Cut: Cut refers to the diamond’s reflective qualities and not necessarily its shape. Diamonds with accurate finishes and angles are more likely to handle and reflect light.

The best part about upgrading your engagement ring is that you’ll be able to totally redesign this special memento, so it lasts for many years to come. Whether you’re celebrating a special event or looking to give an expensive gift to your partner, upgrading your engagement ring is a great investment.

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