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Top Rated Jewelry Redesign Kansas City

Jewelry Redesign In Kansas City

Stone and metal stand the test of time, but jewelry styles come and go. Here at Noe’s in Kansas City, we know that just about everyone has a few pieces of jewelry that were handed down to them by relatives or friends of the family. Often, they’re treasured possessions and beautiful to look at, but they’re just not your personal style. But there’s no reason to keep your family heirlooms in your jewelry box when you could have them redesigned to suit you instead! Noe’s jewelry redesign services offer customers the opportunity to remake their out-of-fashion, heirloom jewelry into something they’ll love wearing every day. We’re not talking about our jewelry repair service. Jewelry redesign at Noe’s is about transforming a piece of jewelry into something entirely new—something that you’ll love!

Top Rated Jewelry Redesign In Kansas City

As a third-generation jeweler with over 100 years’ experience, Noe’s has helped to redesign all types of jewelry. We’d love to take your ideas and use our experience to make any type of jewelry. Beyond simply resizing rings and resetting stones, we can set existing stones into a new jewelry design in any of the following:

• Bracelets
• Brooches
• Diamond rings
• Earrings
• Engagement rings
• Necklaces
• Wedding bands

Keeping Treasured Memories Alive

Whether you inherited your grandmother’s wedding band or your aunt gave you her funky collection of vintage brooches, older pieces of jewelry are heirlooms, and they need to be honored as such. At Noe’s, we think resetting stones or redesigning jewelry is a way to always stay in touch with those we want to remember. We treat every redesign with the care and respect your jewelry deserves, and our years of experience will allow us to create a masterpiece you’ll enjoy and feel suits you while still keeping it true to the original piece, if that’s your desire. While it may feel strange to alter a piece of history, we believe jewelry was meant to be worn. Why let something languish in the darkness of your closet when you could wear it out to parties, on dates, to professional meetings, and more? A redesigned piece of jewelry will let you remember those closest to you wherever you go and feel close to them all the time—not just when you open your jewelry box.

See the Jewelry Experts in Kansas City

Seeking out a skilled jeweler like Noe’s will make all the difference when it comes time to redesign your jewelry. Our workmanship, attention to detail, and over 100 years of experience will ensure that you come away satisfied. Bring us your heirloom pieces and your ideas, and we’ll create a workable design together—one that reflects you and your personality while also honoring the past. We’ll protect the intrinsic value of your jewelry, preserving its legacy by using as much of the original piece as possible or as desired. We know you’ll treasure your new piece of jewelry when we’re done by keeping in touch with your past while you wear it every day.

Noe’s offers quality jewelry redesign services to our customers at our Raymore, MO jewelry store. Contact us today for more information.