Tips for Choosing a Beautiful Gemstone

Behind Christmas, Valentine’s Day may be one of the most favored days for a wedding proposal. Both holidays are filled with anticipation, love, and a fair amount of expectations. If you’re looking to propose this year, it’s a good idea to have an idea of the kind of gemstone your loved one would like for their engagement ring. In addition, it’s also valuable to have some basic knowledge in regard to you what should look for when buying a gemstone.

The topic of gemstone buying and jewelry cutting can entail a lifetime of learning and experience so it’s important to remember that this exercise is more about education than becoming an overnight expert. When it comes to any item that is going to be worn consistently, the first thing is to let your eye be your ultimate guide.

Key Terms for Gemstone Assessment

Crown – top part of the stone

Table – top flat surface of the stone

Girdle – band that runs like a belt around the middle of the stone

Pavilion – bottom part of the stone

Directing the Gemstone’s Light

One of the elements that makes a gemstone attractive is how light moves through the stone. The brilliance of the cut will determine if the stone shines or it’s dull in appearance. A good cut will draw as much light as possible through the top of the stone to the eye. The light will enter through the table and crown of the gemstone and is reflected off the facets in the pavilion.

The angles on the cut are particularly important when it comes to directing the light. Angles that meet at a sharp point will convey greater brilliance. Lesser cuts will have angles that almost, but not quite, meet. When this happens, the surface becomes more curved and reflects less light. There is no perfect cut for every gemstone and the particular angles needed to achieve the most brilliant cuts will differ depending on the stone.

Taking a Closer Look

When it comes to the purchase of a gemstone, it can pay to look at the stone from several different perspectives. In order to determine if the facets meet at crisp points, ask the jeweler for the use of a loupe, a special magnifying glass. Lighting is also an important consideration. Most stores will be lit with standard bulbs. These typically give a nice shine to most gemstones. The true test is natural light. This is the kind of light in which the stone is be viewed most often, and some gemstones will appear muddy under artificial lighting.

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