The Timeless Appeal of Cuff Bracelets

The end of May and the three-day Memorial Day weekend is the official start of the summer season. For many, the heat and humidity are a great excuse to adopt a less-is-more mentality of breezy dresses and simple shorts and tanks. The adjustment to simplicity can also be observed in the summer jewelry choices.

This summer, the forecast for jewelry centers around beautiful metals — gold, sterling silver and rose gold used in necklace chains, tiny, stackable thin rings and statement cuff bracelets. The trend also continues for mixing metals such as a traditional pairing of gold and sterling silver or pairing rose gold with sterling or gold for a new twist on an old favorite.

Never Goes out of Style

Each summer the world of fashion adds a subtle twist on a retro favorite. Some years this might be an ombre effect for the hair or clothing or the re-birth of the perpetual favorites of cut-off shorts, tanks and sandals. In terms of jewelry, the trend for this summer’s statement pieces is all about the cuff bracelet. Even more so than the rebirth of tie-dye or surfer shirts and board shorts, this is a trend guaranteed to have serious staying power.

The cuff bracelet’s popularity dates back as far as 7,000 years ago. The timeless jewelry piece originally served as a status symbol for members of royalty among the Incans, Mayans, Romans and Egyptians. Jeweled and crafted of the finest metals, the cuffs symbolized an individual’s place in society. To this day, archeologists continue to discover early evidence of the fashionable cuff everywhere from the sands of Egypt to the ancient Mayan cities of Yaxchilan, Palenque, Tikal, Copan and Quirigua. Although metal cuffs were especially popular, Greek soldiers wore a leather version of the cuff bracelet as a method of protection going into battle and throughout the world, many passed into the afterlife adorned in symbolic cuff bracelets.

The Cuff as Fashion Statement

Fast forward many years and the cuff continued to be reimagined, this time by Coco Channel, the icon of classic fashion in the 1930s. Channel’s wearing of the Verdura-made Maltese Cross cuffs, which were inspired by Byzantine artwork, continue to be a symbol of timeless beauty and style. To this day, the Maltese Cross cuffs remain a coveted fashion item.

Jewelry designers continue to re-imagine the cuff bracelet in any number of styles and materials. From braded bracelets to the studded leather cuffs worn by punks in the 1970s, the cuff bracelet remains an undeniable fashion favorite, making the cuff bracelet an all-season jewelry staple.

Noe’s Jewelry in Raytown offers a beautiful selection of cuff bracelets in a variety of metals and finishes. These statement pieces are available with or without glass and semi-precious adornments all designed to be the perfect complement for anything from a bathing suit and cover-up to dressy summer wedding attire.

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