What are Le Vian Chocolate Diamonds and Where do They Come From?

It's famously said that diamonds are a girl's best friend… but we all know the truth is that chocolate is a close runner-up. That's why we here at Noe's in Raymore, Missouri are just wild for chocolate diamonds!

Yes, you read that right: chocolate diamonds. And we're not talking about something wrapped in foil, pressed and shaped into a square cut or pear shape. We're talking about Le Vian chocolate diamonds, which are absolutely one of the hottest trends in jewelry right now. Beloved of many celebrities, chocolate diamonds are proving to be even more tempting than any fancy decadent artisanal chocolate from a shop (and they last a lot longer, too!).

Curious? We can't blame you! The combination of the words chocolate and diamond would pique anyone's interest—we're only human, after all. And that's exactly why Noe's is introducing Le Vian chocolate diamonds at our store in Raymore, Missouri.

But what are chocolate diamonds? Well, diamonds naturally come in a rainbow of colors, but chocolate diamonds have become especially popular because of their versatility. You can wear chocolate hues with just about anything! Le Vian's chocolate diamonds are particularly special because they are selected from the top five percent of all chocolate diamonds for their clear beauty and sensual, soft, almost edible appearance. Just as the Hope Diamond is a blue diamond, and your typical engagement ring diamond is clear, chocolate diamonds are a fancy color designation of real diamond—not an artificial stone. Australian in origin, these rare diamonds have a warm, exotic, unusual quality to them that will have you salivating when you see them set into honey, vanilla, or strawberry gold, surrounded by stones reminiscent of strawberries or blueberries. Chocolate diamond jewelry really wouldn't look out of place in a crinkly paper wrapper inside a box tied up with a pretty ribbon. And they're just as much of a special treat, whether you get one for yourself, or receive one as a gift from a loved one.

Noe's Jewelry is a Kansas City Area resource for these delicious chocolate diamonds, and we can't wait to show them off. Le Vian holds the registered trademark for chocolate diamonds in over one hundred countries around the globe, so they are "the" resource for these delightful delicacies. Our suppliers are bringing in a huge amount of stock to show off to Noe's customers, including a few estate jewelry pieces that were previously worn on the red carpet. How cool is that?

If you're interested, call us today! Anyone who makes an appointment to check out these delightful chocolate diamonds will get a free stone that day, a tempting smoky quartz perfect for all sorts of occasions.

To see a beautiful selection of the various types of chocolate diamonds straight from Le Vian, visit us online at Noe's Jewelry or in person at our store in Raymore, Missouri.