Le Vian’s New Collection Flashes a Lot of Color

le vianAre you looking to add a little sparkle and color into your wardrobe? Le Vian has just the pieces for you! With a variety of bright, bold, and beautiful gemstones, Le Vian has some of the most stunning jewelry on the market right now. Noe’s Jewelry in Raymore, Missouri, is proud to carry Le Vian’s brilliant line of jewelry.

Every piece of jewelry has its own personality. At Le Vian, this season’s hits are full of bright colors that are sure to wow. Whether you are looking for a piece with bright blue or pink or green gemstones, Le Vian has a match for you.

One major trend this season at Le Vian is shades of denim stones. Blue stones at Le Vian range from light aquamarines to deep blue topaz and sapphires. Inspired by the resurgence of denim fashion, this line of jewelry will bring the trend into your style in a sophisticated—and unique—way.

You’ve probably heard of Chocolate Diamonds, but what about Blueberry Sapphires, Cotton Candy Amethysts, Papaya Morganites, Pomegranate Garnets, and Raspberry Rhodolite? Le Vian has been creating jewelry out of some of the richest colored gemstones on the market. These gemstones add a bright pop of color to white, yellow, or Strawberry gold.

Another popular trend in Le Vian jewelry is a twisted design that layers metals and gemstones into extremely unique—and often complicated—pattern. These twisted looks make great statement pieces that add character to your outfit. Intricate and delicate, the twisted look will catch attention everywhere you go.

All Le Vian gemstones are hand-cut, and pieces made from 14k or 18k gold or platinum are handcrafted, which means no two pieces will be identical. Each Le Vian piece is carefully crafted to ensure the highest quality.

Join Noe’s Jewelry on December 7, 2017, for the Le Vian trunk show where Le Vian will be showcasing over a thousand different pieces. You won’t want to miss out on viewing some amazing red-carpet pieces that will be on display at the event or the great deals you can get on your favorite pieces. At the show, you will get an up-close and personal look at some fabulous pieces of jewelry that you won’t find anywhere else.

If you are looking for gorgeous Le Vian jewelry, but can’t make it to the trunk show, don’t worry! Noe’s Jewelry carries a broad selection of Le Vian jewelry that you can browse every day of the year. Stop by Noe’s Jewelry today to see their full selection of Le Vian jewelry, as well as everything else the store has to offer. If you have any questions about the upcoming trunk show, call Noe’s Jewelry at 816-322-7227.