Jewelry Repair in Kansas City is both Art and Science

Jewelry may be made of hard stones and precious metals, but it can still become worn over time, or even break. It's never fun when jewelry gets damaged, but neither does it need to be a tragedy. If you have a broken or damaged piece of jewelry in need of repair, Noe's Jewelry has you covered. We know you have precious pieces, be they modern or vintage, and Noe's trained staff will perform expert repairs that will allow you to enjoy your jewelry for years and years to come.

noes-jewelry-repairHere at Noe's, we consider jewelry repair to be both an art and a science. We understand just how important your pieces are to you. Whether it's your own diamond engagement ring or great-grandma's sterling silver pendant necklace she was photographed wearing posing next to Douglas Fairbanks, Noe's will perform the repair swiftly and beautifully, and with an eye for detail that will make you gasp with pleasure when you see it!

Jewelry repair is best left to the perfectionists, given the high-stakes nature of the art. You don't want some partially trained novice working on your heirloom pieces! We here at Noe's are perfectionists. Bring in your jewelry, and we'll assess your pieces, tell you what we'll need to do, and give you an expert opinion on the entire process.

Why are we so confident? Well, frankly, we have a right to be! We're proud to say that 99% of the repairs we do are done in-house. The senior member of our repair staff is a third generation jeweler, and our expert technician has over twelve years of experience in jewelry repair. That's a lot of knowledge and experience to draw on!

Finding a good jeweler is imperative when it comes to jewelry repair. It's a bit like reconstructive surgery, honestly—anyone with the proper training can do it, but it takes an artist to make it beautiful. A good jeweler needs to have a vision, as well as a careful hand and years of experience.

We'll tell you right up front: We'd put our staff up against any other jeweler in town, when it comes to the quality they turn out. And not only that, we're versatile—we even work on Sterling silver. Sterling silver is difficult to work with, because it's so soft. But, we've invested in a costly and precise machine most jewelers don't have, just so we can work on your cherished Sterling silver pieces.

A typical repair at Noe's takes a little time, but we're able to do rush jobs if our staff can fit it into their days. There's a small fee for rush jobs, but we're happy to try to accommodate you in case of an emergency!

To speak to a professional about jewelry repair in Kansas City, call 816-322-7227 or visit Noe's Jewelry in person at our store in Raymore, Missouri.