You Can Trust a Kansas City Diamond Buyer with 100 Years' Experience

Noe's of Kansas City has been around since 1999, and today we boast a staff of fourteen, including two bench jewelers. This means we have a vast breadth of experience and expertise to draw on when it comes to helping our customers make the perfect choices when it comes to their jewelry—and especially their engagement rings!

As a member of the Retail Jewelers Organization (RTO), Noe's can offer our customers everyday low prices—and as a member of the Jewelers of America (JA), we are committed to educating consumers as well as serving their needs. And sometimes, this means helping customers pick out loose diamonds rather than preset diamond engagement rings.

Why would someone buy a loose diamond? Well, lots of reasons! A loose diamond can truly be seen from all angles, so any flaws are known before you buy it, as are that unique diamond's best angles. You can also get a stone to your exact specifications, in terms of its shape, carat, and clarity. Then, you can then use your knowledge of the stone to build a truly customized ring for your fiancée. Just think about it—if you want to surprise your fiancée with a ring, instead of picking one out together, a loose stone can be the ideal way to do this. You can "propose" with the stone itself, popping the question at the most romantic moment, and then let her pick out and design the ring of her dreams. It's truly the best of both worlds!

Kansas City diamond buyers tend to have a lot of questions when it comes to buying loose diamonds. Noe's has you covered. Not only do we have a fantastic Loose Diamond Search tool that lets you browse what we have, at your convenience; we're also happy to meet with you to consult. We're passionate about jewelry so we're happy to advise based on your thoughts and needs. For example, while it's true that the most popular shape of diamond right now is the round, we see the cushion taking second place in our store. And while we love a marquise cut, they've gone a little out of fashion—which might be perfect if your fiancée is an "old soul" who loves vintage things! Trillions, pears, hearts, ovals, emerald cut, radiants, and Asscher diamonds are all a bit more unusual, too, but we love to find the rare piece for that special someone who wants a unique ring.

We're also happy to help you with the logistics of buying a loose diamond, as it takes a bit more time to browse stones, and to get a ring custom-made, so if you're working with a timetable, give us a ring! We'd love to help you through this exciting process.

To speak to a professional about buying loose diamonds in Kansas City, call 816-322-7227 or visit Noe's Jewelry in person at our store in Raymore, Missouri.