Jewelry Redesign Gives New Life to Treasured Pieces

Everyone knows that a diamond is forever. And while that may be true, it doesn't mean the setting for that diamond will remain fashionable for all of time. That diamond also might come loose, and need to be reset. That's why Noe's in Kansas City offers jewelry redesign for our clients.

What is jewelry redesign? Basically, when you come in to have your jewelry redesigned by Noe's, our experts will look at what you have, and after consulting with you about your wants and needs, we'll remake it into exactly what you want. For example, if you have a genuinely unattractive, old-fashioned ring from your beloved great aunt, we can take the stones and update the setting to be something new and beautiful. That way, you get to keep what's important—the gift—while still honoring the hope of your relative that you would actually wear what she gave you.

Here at Noe's, we really believe that jewelry redesign can keep memories alive. After all, what's a better memorial to a beloved relative—shoving an antique necklace or ring into your jewelry box and never wearing it, or remaking it into something that will be a daily reminder of someone you love?

But we don't just take stones and set them into updated pieces at Noe's. No, we can bring new life to almost any piece. Maybe you have a beautiful old-fashioned setting that the stone was taken from, or lost—we can find the perfect replacement for you. Or perhaps you have a ring with multiple stones and one fell out—we'd be happy to obtain a new one, and put it in so perfectly you'd never realize the piece had been repaired.

Many people don't realize that stones can be remounted and remade in a more modern or just a different style. But, we here at Noe's in Kansas City love to redesign jewelry. We know how sentimental jewelry can be—we're in the business of selling people beautiful, timeless objects, or repairing the ones they already own, so of course we care deeply about the way people cherish their jewelry. There's nothing better than seeing the look of absolute delight when a customer comes in to pick up their redesigned jewelry and they break into a huge smile because that old tired ring or necklace is now a new piece they'll want to show off immediately, and look at with love. And we're confident that when you gift our heirloom redesigns, your future family members won't recoil at the appearance!

Styles and trends change, but love is forever. There's no reason to feel guilty just because your grandmother gave you an elaborate ring you'd never wear with your clean classic wardrobe, or some modern necklace that doesn't suit your old-fashioned soul. Come in to Noe's today, and we'll talk to you about your existing jewelry and do what it takes to get you wearing it every day.

To speak to a professional about jewelry redesign in Kansas City, call 816-322-7227 or visit Noe's Jewelry in person at our store in Raymore, Missouri.