Jewelry Boxes: A Chest for all Your Treasures

It's a universal truth that boxes fascinate people. For children, a large packing box is full of possibilities and intrigue—it can become a spaceship, a tank, or a pirate's treasure chest! As teens, we keep our secrets hidden away in little tins full of notes, trinkets, and charms. And as we grow up and start to acquire lovely jewelry, it's nice to have a special, dedicated place to store it—and showcase it, too. A jewelry box may not be as glamorous (or as wearable!) as nice jewelry, but it is the same sort of gift that keeps on giving.

jewelry boxIt's not just 21st century people who love jewelry boxes. The jewelry box has been around since… well, since jewelry became a thing! Designed and crafted by expert wood and metalworkers, for a long time jewelry boxes were almost as much of a status object as what they contained.

Then, during the industrial revolution, jewelry boxes came to be mass-produced. Even pioneers in the American West could order jewelry boxes from Sears, Roebuck & Co. and other mail order catalogs. The size range was astonishing, from tiny individual ring boxes to the cabinet pieces we are more familiar with today. By 1900, international trade and global travel had inspired designers, and the Art Nouveau style was increasingly popular all over the world. Art Nouveau is a beautiful ornate style with flower motifs, flowing designs, and romantic sensibilities, all of which made their way into enamel inlay, metalwork, and wood. Since then, style has calmed down substantially, but there are still lovely and detailed pieces available to the consumer.

In fact, if you're looking for jewelry boxes to house your designer jewelry in Kansas City, why not stop by to see what we have in stock? Here at Noe's, we love jewelry boxes almost as much as we love designer jewelry! We have a range of boxes that run from around $350 to $550 dollars. While that may seem like a steep price tag, we see them as another piece of furniture for your house. They are inlaid with wood and have piano finishes—gorgeous touches that we're sure will have you rearranging your bedroom or walk-in closet to make certain that they're always visible.

Whenever we put one of our jewelry boxes out on display, it never fails to attract attention. Our customers love to slide open the drawers and feel how smooth they are. Men often appreciate the craftsmanship, and women like to imagine what could be inside them. The little compartments are just so suggestive—the adult version of that packing box you pretended was a treasure chest as a kid, or the tin full of notes you kept as a teen. But what's inside is really so much better, at least to our minds. Whether it's your grandmother's wedding ring or the diamond tennis bracelet your husband gave you on that special occasion, a jewelry box will help you keep all your rings, earrings, and necklaces organized, untangled and where you can see them and appreciate them. After all, you're going to have them forever—why not store them in a grown up treasure chest of your very own?

If you're looking to find a jewelry box to house your treasures, visit Noe's online or in person at our Raymore, Missouri jewelry store.