How to Pair Mix and Match Rings

One of the most popular ring trends of the last few years is mix and match rings. Mix and match rings are a unique way to wear numerous pieces at a time and show off some serious bling. This trend has even bled over to wedding bands, and women are rocking numerous wedding bands for a fun, fresh take on the wedding set. At Noe’s Jewelry in Raymore, Missouri, we want to help you learn how to create a beautiful set of mix and match rings for any occasion.

Here are a few tips on mixing and matching rings from the jewelers at Noe’s Jewelry:

1. Vary the Placement

When it comes to stackable rings, which are all the rage right now, you can break away from the norms, by placing rings on different sections of your fingers. Not every ring has to sit at the base of your finger. Instead, place rings on your first and second knuckles as well.

2. Vary the Size

Typically, stackable rings are relatively thin so that you can choose a few for one finger, but for a bit of variety, switch up the thickness of your rings. When it comes to varying the sizes of rings, just make sure that you don’t pair pieces next to each other that swallow or get swallowed by one another. Place oversized rings on a finger of their own, and then offset them with smaller rings on other fingers for another take.

3. Mix Metal Colors

If you use all the same color of metal for mix and match rings, your hands are bound to look a little one-note. Instead, pair different colors of the same metal together. This works especially well for rings that are all stacked up against one another. Not only do different colors of metal stand out against each other, but you can also better see the details of each individual ring if they aren’t all the same color.

4. Add Some Color

If you have a statement piece in a fun color, there is no reason you can’t use in your mix and match set. Pick a piece with a gemstone or pearl in it that sticks out among the rest of the rings you are wearing, and then keep the other pieces simple. Having a statement piece next to simpler pieces makes it easy to change up looks if you need to, and it has a nice balance to it.

When adding color to your mix and match sets, consider using numerous rings with the same gemstone in your mix and match set. They don’t have to match, but it can be a great way to show off a monochromatic look.

5. Incorporate Double Finger Rings

To make mixing and matching rings a bit easier, wear a double finger ring. This way, at least “two” of the rings that you are wearing match. Designs for double finger rings range from simple to ornate, so pair other pieces accordingly.

If you don’t enjoy wearing double finger rings, find a ring that takes up the entirety of one finger. Again, this will make at least one finger look cohesive, and then you don’t have to worry so much about adding a ton of other rings to get the perfect mix and match look.

While there are tons of different tips for pairing together mix and match rings, remember that there aren’t really any rules. If you want to put two pieces together, go for it!

For a variety of beautiful mix and match ring options, stop into Noe’s Jewelry in Raymore, Missouri. Noe’s carries a variety of rings in various metals that feature a variety of gemstones. For help with all things jewelry, call Noe’s at 816-322-7227.