What Does A Groom Look for in a Wedding Band?

We place so much importance on a bride's engagement and wedding ring, but a groom's wedding band is equally significant. It is a symbol of your commitment that your husband will wear for a lifetime, so it's very important to find a wedding band that is stylish, comfortable, and unique. Choosing the right one can be a challenge. There are many places to shop for men's wedding bands in Kansas City, but at Noe's Jewelry stands above the rest with its commitment to quality and customer service.

The single most important consideration when shopping for a men's wedding band is your husband's occupation and lifestyle. If he works with his hands on the job, you'll need a wedding band made of hard-wearing metal like titanium. Likewise, if he enjoys playing sports or other outdoor hobbies, he may need a durable wedding band that can withstand abuse. Mechanics and tradesmen who work with heavy machinery may have other requirements about what kinds of wedding bands they can wear on the job. Men who have desk jobs and enjoy indoor hobbies can go with softer metals like gold or platinum.

Once you've figured out what kind of metal is appropriate, you can focus on style. Noe's has a wide selection of men's wedding bands in Kansas City, and its knowledgeable staff is happy to help you find one that suits your husband's personal taste. Many men opt for a no-frills classic: a simple wedding band. Even simple wedding bands have variations in width and shape. Men's wedding bands are typically wider than women's, and most men prefer a ring width of 6mm to 7mm.

Some men want to stray from tradition and wear something a little more unique. There are many options available, such as two-tone wedding bands, bands with ribbed edges or inlays, and bands with subtle patterns or engravings. If those options are too low-key for your guy, look for wedding bands with inlaid jewels or bolder designs. You can even have one custom made.

When selecting a wedding band, you can also consider your husband's cultural background and interests. For example, a man with Irish heritage may prefer a traditional Celtic wedding band. A man who is interested in the latest technology may appreciate a wedding band made of an unusual metal like titanium or tungsten.

Comfort is critical when it comes to men's wedding rings and bands since they are worn daily. Fortunately, there are many comfortable styles to choose from. Some men's wedding bands have softly rounded edges, although a flat edge isn't necessarily uncomfortable. The curve on the inside of the ring is even more important. For utmost comfort and ease, look for a wedding band with a soft inner curve. These are known as "comfort fit" wedding bands, and they are very popular. The staff at Noe's is happy to help your husband find the most comfortable style and the right fit.

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