Good Reasons for a Jewelry Remount

For many of us our jewelry box is a collection of treasured memories. Special holidays and graduations followed by an engagement, wedding and possibly children and grandchildren. Throughout our life, these occasions are often marked with a symbolic jewelry purchase, each piece a tangible reminder of some of our most important life events.

A look through the jewelry box can be a wonderful day to relive the memories again and again. These pieces might include a graduation watch, diamond earrings or a charm or mother’s ring to celebrate the birth of a new life. Over the years though our favorite pieces can become damaged and worn from frequent wear.

Rejuvenate a Piece with Remounting

Or perhaps a formerly favorite piece has fallen out of regular rotation because its style or setting is dated. If this occurs, it’s a great opportunity to look at the pieces you own with new eyes from the gemstones to the metal holding the stone.

Remounting can offer a new look and feeling to broken and dated jewelry. It can also be a great solution if you want to preserve or update an heirloom piece or merge a number of pieces into a new style. For example, an engagement ring in an outdated setting can have a new life as a mother’s ring, earrings or a pendant. Other option is swapping out a yellow gold setting, popular with brides and grooms from the 1960s – 1990s, with a more current white gold or platinum setting.

Tap into the Creative Process

Much like an interior designer working with a client to design a room, a jeweler and lapidary (a gemstone cutter) can help you see the individual elements of your jewelry in a new light. This is also a great time to have gemstones re-polished or re-cut. An experienced lapidary can bring out new beauty in a familiar stone. The shape, size and condition of the stone will also help determine the best mounting for the new design.

Gemstone Remount Settings

Bar Setting – holds a gemstone in place with elongated bars instead of prongs

Bezel Setting – holds a gemstone in place with a metal band wrapped around a stone

Channel Setting – common in anniversary bands with multiple stones held with a band

Cluster Setting – multiple stones held in place for a specific design

Flush Setting – stone sits in a hold in the band

Invisible Setting – holds a gemstone with a metal cup attached to a band

Prong Setting – small metal pieces hold the stone in place

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