Gems and Jewelry of Fantasy and Fiction We Wish Were Real!

Jewelry is so iconic, so eye-catching, so integral to the human experience that of course, it shows up in our television shows, novels, and, of course, films. There is an amazing number of iconic pieces of jewelry from movies that just about everyone would recognize by sight, some because they're exquisitely lovely and others because they have a sense of mystery about them or some sort of fictional power. Read on to see how the staff members from Noe's Jewelry of Raymore, MO ranked the most iconic pieces of jewelry in cinema history.

#1 Titanic

Titanic may have come out an amazing twenty years ago (1997!), but the Heart of the Ocean remains one of the most famous pieces of jewelry in cinematic history. A fictional blue diamond that once belonged to Louis XVI, it's given by Billy Zane (playing Caledon Hockley) to Kate Winslet (Rose DeWitt) as a wedding present. Winslet hurls the gem into the sea at the end of the film, but that didn't stop many jewelers from producing lookalikes that are still beloved today.

#2 Men In Black

A somewhat less traditional pendant necklace was featured in the Men in Black film, all the way back in 1991. Who among us wouldn't love to have a tiny galaxy around our necks? The whimsical, beautiful charm is the MacGuffin of the original film because of its power, but we love it because it's really pretty!

#3 Green Lantern

Another famous piece of jewelry from cinema history would be the Green Lantern's ring. Most recently featured in Green Lantern starting Ryan Reynolds (and rumored to be appearing again in the 2017 Justice League movie), the Green Lantern is a superhero with various origin stories. The character Hal Jordan was famously given the Green Lantern ring by a dying alien, making him a part of the Green Lantern Corps, an intergalactic police force. The Green Lantern's ring allows him special powers, and who wouldn't like that?

#4 Lord of the Rings

There were many crave-worthy pieces of jewelry in the Lord of the Rings movies, like Arwen's necklace, but of course, the Lord of the Rings is most famous for, well, rings. While the One Ring is certainly pretty plain, there are other rings that are more tempting. Galadriel's ring of power, Nenya, is supposedly made from the Dwarven metal mithril and set with a white stone of adamant. Nenya's special powers were those of protection and concealment from evil, but in the movies it also had the power of making us wish we owned it!

#5 Gone with the Wind

While it doesn't have any special powers, Vivien Leigh's cameo brooch from Gone with the Wind is one of the most iconic pieces of jewelry ever worn in a Hollywood movie. Cameos are still popular today, and we love them, as they have an old-fashioned charm and elegance all their own.

#6 Avengers

The Infinity Stones in the Marvel Cinematic Universe are certainly gorgeous, too, and they are also uniquely powerful. We're learning the locations of the Infinity Stones as we build toward the third Avengers film (did you see the one in that Easter Egg in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2?), and while we might not know all the locations, or how they'll be gathered together to form the Infinity Gauntlet, we can be reasonably certain it'll be very pretty.

While Noe's may not carry any designer jewelry with special powers, we certainly carry many eye-catching pieces, and we're also a fine retailer of estate jewelry in Raymore, MO. Why not come in, see what strikes your fancy, and make up your own legend about it?

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