Father's Day Shopping: What to Buy Instead of the Tie

It can feel challenging to find great gifts for Father's Day, especially when your dad has enough neckties and already drinks his coffee out of that "World's Greatest Dad" mug. It's always tough to buy clothes, and last year you got him a new set of grilling tools. A nice bottle of wine or beer won't last for long, and technology is the same way. So, what on earth can you get your father that will be a daily reminder of how much you care for him?

It's true that the best gift you can give your father on Father's Day is your time. So why not get Dad a luxury timepiece, to commemorate all the time you've spent together—and so that he'll always have something as a reminder of the good ol' days now that you're grown up and can't be together all the time? While people usually think about jewelry for Mom on Mother's Day, a luxury watch is a great Father's Day jewelry gift. There's never enough time to spend with your dad, we know—but a lovely watch, engraved with his monogram or a personal message from you to him, will be something he'll treasure forever.

Noe's, your friendly neighborhood jewelry store in Raymore, MO, carries Citizen brand watches. Citizen's watches are wonderful, eternal timepieces that your dad will love. No matter his profession or personal sense of style, we're sure you'll find something that will please him. And for dads who love neat pieces of engineering, you'll want to look at Citizen's Eco-Drive technology. Citizen may have been founded in the 1920s, but their technology is completely modern—even futuristic, as is the case with their Eco-Drive watches. Eco-Drive watches are powered by light, and not just solar energy, either—Eco-Drive converts any light into energy, storing it for up to six months even in a dark environment. Eco-drive watches come in every style, and with a 40-year lifetime for one battery, so your dad won't even have to go to the mall to get the battery changed, which is also a great Father's Day perk! Noe's also carries Caravelle watches—a division of Bulova watches. We carry tough-as-nails Reactor watches which were designed and developed by a professional surfer. We also carry Bertucci watches that are designed for outdoorsmen.

Noe's of Kansas City also carries other great jewelry gifts for fathers. If your father is still working a desk job, a tie tack might be just the thing to spiff up his wardrobe. We also carry money clips and other jewelry for men, including men's birthstone rings.

Your father will be so pleased to receive any gift of fine jewelry, and he'll also be pleased to wear it every day he can. Perhaps it's a cliché to describe something as "the gift that keeps on giving," but a gift of fine jewelry really is one. Not only will he think of you every time he puts it on or sees it nestled in his top drawer, but you'll get to see him wearing it, too, and will feel great seeing him looking his best.

Father's Day is the third Sunday in June. Now is the perfect time to shop for something special! Drop by Noe's in Kansas City, or visit us online to see what we have for your dad to open on Father's Day this year!

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