Father of the Bride Gifts to Daughters on Their Wedding Day

Weddings are a day of joy, and the father of the bride is often filled with pride as he sees his daughter move on to this new journey in her life. Dads are often looking for a gift to bestow upon their beautiful daughters before they take the walk down the aisle. Often, fathers get a little special time with the bride before the ceremony begins, which is the perfect time to gift something special to their daughters. At Noe’s Jewelry, we have a few suggestions for the perfect gift for your daughter on her wedding day.


Many dads choose to gift their daughter a piece of jewelry that she can cherish for the rest of her life. Jewelry can be passed down from generation to generation, which makes it a desirable gift for daughters who want to bring a piece of generations past to their wedding day. Whether it’s grandma’s necklace or a new piece of jewelry that can be passed down in the future, jewelry connects family together in a special way, which is why it makes the perfect wedding day gift from a father to his daughter.

Personalized jewelry is another option. Rings, bracelets, or necklaces with the bride’s new last name, wedding date, or both can be a memento of this happy day that the bride will cherish.

Jewelry is a great wedding day gift because it can be used on the day of the wedding. As your daughter walks down the aisle, she can show off the jewelry that you just gifted her. She will always remember that she received a special piece of jewelry on her wedding day from her father.

Ring Dish

Every new bride is going to need a safe place to keep her new rings. A ring dish or jewelry box is a great wedding day gift. Many ring dishes and jewelry boxes can also be personalized with the bride’s new name and wedding date to make it a keepsake she will never forget. If you want to give a really generous gift, you could gift a piece of jewelry with the ring dish or jewelry box.

Photo Album

Photos allow memories to be remembered for life. A photo album or picture frame can make a great gift for a bride. You can either compile photos from childhood or leave the pages blank for wedding and honeymoon photos. Personalized albums or frames can also be purchased for an extra special touch for the soon-to-be Mrs.

Honeymoon Gifts

Another great wedding day option for the bride could be money toward the honeymoon or something else associated with the honeymoon. Gift the bride a special excursion for the honeymoon or cover the cost of airfare to help her have the honeymoon of her dreams.

Noe’s Jewelry, located in Raymore, Missouri, offers a variety of different jewelry options that would be perfect gifts for fathers to gift to their daughters on the day of the wedding. To speak to a jeweler, contact Noe’s today at 816-322-7227.