Famous Artists and the Fine Jewelry They Created

Here at Noe's we really do see jewelry as wearable art. Every piece of jewelry you have in your collection took a great deal of planning and skilled craftsmanship to create. But did you know that many famous fine artists have actually tried their hand at designing jewelry, too? That's right, sculptors, painters, and other sorts of artists whose works can be found in museums all over the world also felt the need to work with beautiful gems and precious metals—not just paint, canvas, bronze, and marble.

The twentieth century saw many of its most famous artists designing jewelry worthy of sitting alongside their better-known works. Many are on display in museums across the world, just like their paintings and sculptures! So, if you love jewelry (and travel) you can probably see them all one day, with a little planning! But, of course you can also use the Internet to admire many works of fine jewelry with this handy guide. While it's not the same as seeing all the glitter and gold in person, you can still appreciate the amazing artistry from afar!

If you make it to New York City, visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art to see an art nouveau necklace designed by Louis Comfort Tiffany. It's a beautiful floral piece reminiscent of blueberries on a bush or a meadow dotted with small blue flowers. Then, you can visit the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) to see a silver necklace crafted by Alexander Calder, the legendary American sculptor known best for his monumental sculptures.

In Washington D.C., if you pay a visit to the famous Smithsonian museum, you can see Cartier's Burmese sapphire necklace, once famously owned by the fashion icon Countess Mona von Bismarck. The centerpiece stone is 98 carats! And the Smithsonian is also home to many famous gems, like the Hope Diamond.

Surrealist artist Salvador Dalí designed a brooch just as bizarre as his famous paintings—a pair of lips made of rubies with pearls for teeth!

And of course, the famous cubist artist Pablo Picasso designed a number of pieces of jewelry for his lover Dora Maar. Moreover, his daughter Paloma Picasso isn't just known for her famous line of perfumes: she also designed jewelry for Tiffany & Co.

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