The Evolution of Jewelry Trends in the Past 100 Years

A lot has changed in the last 100 years. Since prehistoric times, jewelry has been a staple for both men and women. As the years have gone by, jewelry trends have changed significantly. So, what have women (and men!) worn over the past 100 years? Let’s find out!


During the 1910s, Art Noveau was all the rage in fashion. Platinum beads, diamonds, and sapphires were extremely popular. Long necklaces, especially those with tassels, were also prominent among fashionistas of the time. Stars like Erika Glaessner donned large pendant necklaces as well. White on white necklaces, often composed of diamonds and pearls, were a favorite style.

The naturalistic theme was popular due to the industrial boom to counter the manufactured styles that were becoming more popular. Lotus blossoms and peacock feathers made their way into the jewelry of the time. Platinum was prized in the 1910s due to its scarcity, but advancements in production made it a great option for those who could afford it.


Art Deco, which includes geometric styles, was trendy during the 1920s. While Art Deco is more commonly known as an architectural style, it was also incorporated into interior design, cinema, household objects, and jewelry. The flapper girl style included sapphires, emeralds, pearls, and diamonds, as well as white gold and geometric pendants. The economic boom after World War I can be thanked for these styles made popular by A-listers like Coco Chanel.


Hollywood was all about glamour in the 1930s. Movie stars were known for their sparkling gold jewelry covered in diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emerald-cut stones. Aquamarine and amethyst were also incredibly popular during the 1930s. Rose gold and green gold were sought after, and bold, three-dimensional styles were common.


Due in part to Marilyn Monroe, diamonds were incredibly trendy during the 1940s. Additionally, this was the time periods that De Beers started their “A Diamond is Forever” campaign. Oversized dress clips were popularized by Bette Davis. Highly polished pieces were adorned by women in the form of brooches, wide bracelets, and earrings that were worn high on the earlobe. Ribbons and bows were also popular.


Ultra-feminine styles took over the 1950s, but these looks were simpler and more classic than the fashion from the previous decade. Diamonds were still popular during this time, but light and textural pieces that contrasted with the polished look of the 1940s were in. Platinum paired with diamonds was popular and so was copper. Dramatic jewelry adorned many women in Hollywood during this time.


Plastic jewelry was in during the 1960s. Even Elizabeth Taylor donned plastic jewelry. Princess cuts and non-precious metals were trending, and cocktail rings adorned the hands of thousands of women. Jackie Kennedy was another influential woman of the time, and she heavily influenced the jewelry trends of the decade. Bohemian and exotic pieces were also growing in popularity.


Vibrant and flamboyant pieces were found everywhere during the 1970s. Plastic was still a popular material, and leather was often used in jewelry. Large, gold earrings and other statement pieces were common. The disco movement ushered in many of these styles. Barion cut stones, which were made using cuts incorporating kite and triangular shaped facets, were new.


If you thought the hair was big, you should’ve seen the jewelry! Jewelry was used to make bold statements during the ‘80s. Punk rock was popular, and stars like Heather Locklear set a number of trends, including faux pearls and oversized jewelry. Gold and cheaper materials were common. Mixing and matching jewelry was also made popular by Princess Diana. Brooches were back in style during the 1980s, too.


Britney Spears and Jenifer Aniston set all kinds of fashion trends in the 1990s, including jewelry trends. Silver pieces became incredibly trendy, and flirty and feisty jewelry was in. Chokers, which were seen in the ‘80s, became even more popular during the ‘90s. Body jewelry was also seen much more frequently during this decade.

Even men got in on jewelry trends in the 1990s thanks to David Beckham. Beckham sported an engagement ring and often wore necklaces.


Large hoop earrings were everywhere during the 2000s. Layered chain necklaces, chokers, and personalized jewelry were common as well. Celebrities opted for a “Boho chic” look, which combined diamonds and rhinestones with plastics and woods. Cuff bracelets and cocktail rings were back in style. Hip-hop fans were donning platinum jewelry, but both silver and gold will also popular.


Now, jewelry trends are vast. Celebrities are experimenting with all kinds of jewelry looks, and the rest of us are following suit. Bright and bold jewelry is popular, and all metal types are being worn by both men and women. Both fine and costume jewelry are seen on women all over the world. Men’s jewelry collections are expanding as well.

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