What is the Difference between Estate Jewelry, Antique and Vintage?

Anyone who's ever tried to buy just about, well, anything knows labels can be confusing. Whether you're trying to decide between an "organic" apple or a "naturally-grown" one at the grocery store, or looking at estate, vintage, or antique jewelry at a jewelry store, it pays to know what you're doing going into any buying experience. If you have any questions about the different types of jewelry beyond "new," here's a handy guide to help you make informed buying choices when you're looking at estate jewelry in Kansas City.

Estate Jewelry is, simply enough, jewelry that has been previously owned. Estate jewelry may never have even been worn, but if it has had an owner, "estate" is how we categorize it at Noe's. Why would anyone want to purchase previously owned jewelry? Lots of reasons! First of all, estate doesn't necessarily mean old. We'll talk about vintage and antique jewelry in a moment, which are older pieces, but estate jewelry can be recently purchased and then resold. Styles and trends change, and so do people's taste, so the ring that seemed perfect a year ago may not be to someone's taste any longer—but it may be exactly what you need! Also, once a relationship ends, people sometimes sell back their jewelry, so it's good to keep an eye out for estate pieces that are recent and looking for a good home. Estate jewelry tends to sell for less than the same piece at retail prices, so the savings are often very exciting for many buyers—you may be able to afford a pricier metal or larger stone with an estate piece than new.

While estate jewelry might be as recent as last year, Vintage Jewelry is jewelry from the 1980s or older. While the 80s may have a bad reputation for fashion, classy jewelry never goes out of style, and anyways, everyone knows vintage shopping can be really fun! Something that you might never have expected to love may just jump out at you—and onto your finger, wrist, ears, or neck. And of course, some people just like to own beautiful jewelry with a past—similarly to why you might have considered having your grandmother's engagement ring you're your father's wedding ring resized when you decided to tie the knot. While you may not ever personally know the owner of the vintage jewelry you find at Noe's, it's still jewelry with a history; jewelry that's a part of the past.

Antique Jewelry is even older than vintage—it's from the 1920s and older than that. Old is in! Maybe it's the popularity of historical television shows like Miss Fisher's Mysteries, Downton Abbey, Game of Thrones or Penny Dreadful, but older jewelry and styles are increasingly popular with our customers. Antique jewelry can be an impressive accent for a sleek modern dress, or cultivate an air of elegance with more old-fashioned styles. Whatever the case may be, the vintage jewelry you'll find at Noe's in Kansas City will be well cared for and maintained, so go ahead and splurge on that pair of earrings… it's possible some lady-detective or princess wore them in another age…

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