Three Mistakes People Make After They Buy Their Engagement Ring

engagement-ringBuying an engagement ring is one of the biggest decisions of anyone's life. Not only is an engagement ring the sign of a long-term commitment, but it's also a finely crafted piece of jewelry requiring special care and attention. If you're going to pay three month's salary for a ring, it just makes sense to take care of it—especially because we all know it's not just a ring. But taking care of a ring isn't as simple as simply removing it before you go gardening or swimming in the pool. It's actually a good idea not only to regularly maintain and clean your ring, but also to insure it, as well.

Maintaining your ring is akin to taking your car to the mechanic for an oil change and checkup. Here at Noe's, we like to see our rings three times a year—every four months. When we see your ring, we can check for issues and make sure they don't become problems. Loose stones, dents, or marks can be taken care of before they become more serious. And if you have a white gold ring, you'll need to have it rhodium-plated on a regular basis—this just comes with the territory of owning a white gold ring. White gold is just yellow gold with alloys added to make it look white or silvery, but the plating wears off over time.

Cleaning your ring is also important. Remember: the best way to keep your ring clean is to not get it dirty in the first place. If you're going to be doing something dirty or greasy like gardening, cooking, or doing something involving chemicals—like applying perfume, cleaning your house with cleaning agents, or dying your hair—take your ring off! Many common chemicals can cause discoloration in gemstones, so better safe than sorry. But, if your ring does get dirty, keep it simple when cleaning. Warm water and a soft brush are usually all that's needed, though a water pick is also nice. Remember that there is liquid jewelry cleaner out there, too; liquid soap will leave a film on your jewelry, so avoid that.

Insuring your ring can be tricky. Almost all insurance providers will cover rings, but all companies are different, so make sure you read everything before signing up for insurance. It's easy enough to attach a separate rider to your homeowner's policy, but should you make a claim it can go against your home owner's insurance, and it might not even cover the whole ring.

For our customers who buy engagement rings in Kansas City, we recommend Jeweler's Mutual. It's an insurance company that exclusively focuses on jewelry insurance. Noe's doesn't work on commission—we just love what they do and how easy they are to work with. Whether your jewelry is lost or stolen, or if the diamond pops out or a prong breaks, it's covered. You may elect to do a deductible, but even if you choose not to Jeweler's Mutual provides insurance at only $11 per thousand dollars (depending on what country you live in). They're so easy to work with, and pretty much the only thing they don't cover is sizing!

If you'd like to learn more about ring maintenance and insurance at a jewelry store near Kansas City, Belton, or Lee's Summit, Missouri, you can call Noe's at 816-322-7227 or visit Noe's Jewelry in person at our jewelry store in Raymore, Missouri.