An Engagement Ring of Distinction for the Love of Your Life

The process of getting married used to be fairly easy to figure out. The guy would pick up a diamond solitaire ring, propose somewhere nice, and then the wedding planning would begin. Even weddings themselves all followed a certain pattern in terms of vows, the seating of family and friends, and even the order of the various dances.
These days, that's not as much the case. Marriages have become more and more elaborate, from destination weddings to unique locations such as hilltops, barns, arboretums—even treehouses! Receptions, too, have gone beyond the formal sit-down dinner to encompass theme parties with games or even lightsaber battles in place of a first dance.
Of course, this means that engagements are becoming more elaborate, too. It used to be that the guy who rented the plane with the "I Love You, Sally!" banner to fly over a scenic picnic spot or the one who popped the question via Jumbotron was the star of the show. Cruising YouTube these days, there are plenty of amazingly creative engagement videos to be found, from flash mobs to acrobatic stunts to just about anything anyone could think of—and more that they'd never dream up.
So, with all the excitement and creativity being lavished upon engagements and weddings, why not make sure that the engagement ring you select for your spouse-to-be is as exciting as every other part of the affair? If you're looking for beautiful, unique, and special engagement rings in Kansas City, Noe's in Raymore, MO has you covered. Our engagement rings range from classic solitaires to elaborate and uncommon stones and settings sure to make your future bride feel as unique as you know she is. We also carry estate jewelry that can't be found in any other jewelry store. Additionally, if neither off-the-rack nor vintage is your thing, Noe's also has an Engagement Ring Builder online that allows any couple to build the perfect engagement ring from scratch. Many couples enjoy playing around with the tool just to get a sense of what's out there and determine what they like and what's in their budget. In our Ring Builder, you can select the cut of stone you want, the setting—including the type of metal—and any embellishments you might like. What could be more special than a ring you literally designed yourself?
Of course, the most special ring in the world is the one you select for your partner-to-be, no matter what it is, where you got it, or how likely it is that you might find the same ring on someone else's finger. But, just the same, individuality and exclusivity are increasingly important to people today. If you're planning an exciting way to pop the question, why not pair that thoughtful impulse with a ring you know she won't see anywhere else?
At Noe's, we want to help you honor your commitment to your future spouse with the most unique jewelry around. Visit us online at Noe's Jewelry, or in person at our Raymore, Missouri jewelry store for the best selection of designer jewelry.