December is a Prime Time for Holiday Engagements

December is the perfect time for the kick-off of the wonders of the season. Whether that means parties with friends and family, volunteering and giving back to the community or just hunkering down in the cold weather, this is a time of year that’s tinged with possibility and magic. Perhaps that is one reason why December is also the most popular month to propose, according to a survey conducted by Steve Elliott Marketing. The survey turned up some interesting opinions including that a quarter of those surveyed believe that the proposal is more important than the wedding ceremony. This could be a helpful hint to all those trying to decide whether they should splash out on a grand proposal or put that money toward the diamond. Another sign of changing expectations when it comes to engagements is that 37 percent of the women surveyed said that they were okay with being the one to initiate the proposal, and many of the men surveyed said that they agreed with this approach.

When it comes to designing the perfect proposal, traditional methods still apply, with someone dropping down to one knee to pop the question. In order to make it truly perfect, 49 percent said that it was important to make the event personal, while 38 percent suggested asking friends and family for their input.

Perfect Engagements Start with the Perfect Engagement Ring

At Noe’s Jewelry choosing the right engagement ring can be as easy as 1, 2, and 3. Each engagement begins with Noe’s Jewelry’s convenient ring builder platform. The process allows you to create an expression of your love step-by-step by picking the diamond shape, color, number of carats, stone clarity and price range that best suits your needs. At Noe’s Jewelry you can choose from a variety of engagement ring options such as the classic Solitaire to our Vintage settings, Diamond Accents, Petite and Petite Halo collections, or Unique Advantage collection.

The cut of the diamond should always be as unique as the setting. Noe’s Jewelry’s experienced jewelry experts can help you find the right cut that addresses personal size, personality and desired look. Choose from a classic Round or Asscher cut, the Radiant or Princess cuts or a number of other options. Engagement bands and settings are available in a range of options including platinum, palladium, or 14K or 18K white, yellow or rose gold. We also have a range of estate jewelry for brides looking for a unique engagement ring.

To help make the engagement season a bit brighter, Noe’s Jewelry is offering a limited-time Snow event from Nov. 15 to Dec. 24. If Mother Nature gifts the area with a snow of three inches on Jan. 3, Noe’s Jewelry purchases made during that time will be free, less sales tax. (Offer is only good on Snow Event purchases at Noe’s Jewelry.)

Stone Cuts

Round – brilliant facet pattern

Radiant – rectangular cut

Princess – four-sided pyramid shape

Pear – round, football-shaped Marquise cut

Oval – elongated shape

Marquise –football-shaped cut that can help maximize the stone’s perceive size

Heart – for larger-sized stones

Emerald – rectangle shape

Cushion – square shape with rounded corners

Asscher – larger step facets and a higher crown

Add Noe’s Jewelry to your list of engagement ring consultants this holiday season. Visit us online at Noe’s Jewelry or in person at our store in Raytown, Missouri. Our Wish List feature can also make holiday gift giving even easier.