Celebrity Look-Alike Jewelry in Kansas City

Celebrities are trendsetters, there's no doubt about that. From haircuts to red carpet looks to makeup to casual style, what celebrities wear influences what we wear. Remember the 90s, when everyone either had Jennifer Aniston's iconic long, highlighted layers or Winona Ryder's pixie? Or the early 2000s midriff-baring, cowgirl-next-door chic inspired by Lindsay Lohan? Yes, of course you do! These sorts of trends stick in our minds, and often endure—pixie cuts are still cute, after all, as are cute jeans with a thin, checkered shirt.

But celebrity style doesn't just influence haircuts and clothing. Celebrity fashion is also highly influential when it comes to jewelry trends! Fashion photographers don't just capture dresses and suits—they also show us what accessories celebrities are wearing, and that sort of thing is always of interest to celebrity trend-chasers and bloggers keen to know every single thing an actress is donning at her big premier. There are any number of blogs and Pinterest boards completely devoted to celebrity jewelry trends! Celebrity look-alike jewelry is always hot—and it's always a conversation-starter, too! When you're wearing something made famous by your favorite actress or singer and you get a compliment on it (and you will!), you can always reveal how and where and when you first saw it.

It's also of interest to people like us here at Noe's. While we love classic engagement rings and tennis bracelets, we're also keen to bring the hottest trends in celebrity-endorsed designer jewelry in Kansas City right to you. Here at Noe's in Kansas City, we carry two lines of jewelry beloved of celebrities: Effy and LeVian. As longtime jewelers, we have an interest in all things shiny and sparkly, and that naturally extends to celebrity jewelry trends. If you come into our Kansas City or Raymore showroom, we have catalogs of celebrities wearing the sort of designer jewelry we carry, as well as close-ups of individual pieces.

Some jewelers give incentives for celebrities to wear their pieces—designers such as Harry Winston and Tiffany ask and sometimes even pay celebrities to wear their designs, to drum up publicity. But LeVian, one of our designers, has never done so… and yet celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Gwen Stefani, Rachel McAdams, Ariana Grande, Kylie Jenner, and Rihanna have all flocked to LeVian's chocolate diamond line, which we proudly carry. That's pretty remarkable, and speaks to the uniqueness and quality of LeVian's designs.

If you're intrigued by what your favorite celebrities are wearing, or want to make a lady in your life feel like a star walking down the red carpet every time she leaves her house, why not come by Noe's to see the sorts of designer jewelry in Kansas City we offer? Stop by this September 20th from 10am to 7pm to see a huge show, featuring 1500 one-of-a-kind pieces all worn by celebrities you love, up for the buying!

No matter if you're treating yourself or someone else, come in September 20th to visit Noe's at our Raymore, Missouri jewelry store. Our celebrity-inspired jewelry will dazzle you!