Affordable Engagement Rings for the Discerning Bride-To-Be

If you follow entertainment news, you might think that engagement rings are all about keeping up with the Joneses (or the Kardashians!). It's true that the average cost of an engagement ring went up 3% from last year to this year, according to The Knot… but at the same time, more and more people these days are looking for affordable engagement rings in Kansas City. Well, here at Noe's we're delighted to help everyone, whether you're a couple shopping for the perfect ring to make her feel like the Disney princess she's wanted to be ever since she saw Ariel's wedding dress in The Little Mermaid, or you're looking to save so you can spend more money on a world-traveling honeymoon, or a nest egg for that house you want to buy.

When it comes to engagement rings, some women have a clear vision of the ring they've always dreamed of—whether it's a classic solitaire in that iconic prong setting, or a quirky vintage piece that will fit in perfectly with her wardrobe. Other women have no idea, and that's fine too! Regardless of how much of an idea you have, we're happy to help you find the ring that matches your vision—and if you're not quite sure, we have a few options for you, here at Noe's!

You could come in for one of our fun and informative engagement ring consultations, where you can talk to one of our experts about your budget, your lifestyle, and your personal style. Or, you could also open a bottle of wine with your future spouse and check out our online engagement ring builder. There, you can play around with metals, settings, shape of the stone—even price!—until you've created the ring of your dreams.

An engagement ring is a personal decision, not one to be made lightly, so don't feel pressured to get a ring that's anything less than exactly what you want, and that includes it being an affordable engagement ring that suits your lifestyle and needs. The discerning bride-to-be thinks about all things, including budget and other practicalities—you know, the kinds of things that seem to escape all those movies about weddings. (We know it ruins the fun, but we here at Noe's can't help but think things during romantic comedies like… does that spunky avid rock-climber really want that enormous engagement ring? It'll be full of chalk dust in a week!)

Well, between our in-house experts and the Noe's Ring Builder online, you don't need to be an expert on round versus pear-shaped stones, the plausibility of tungsten carbide as a band material, or whether it's a good idea to buy your engagement ring and wedding bands from the same retailer, at the same time (it is!). You can rely on us to provide you with solid information, personalized recommendations, and realistic care advice. We want you to love your engagement ring (and your wedding bands!) so it's our pleasure to help you make the perfect choice for a lifetime of love.

To look over our Ring Builder, and see a beautiful selection of the various types of affordable diamond engagement rings we offer in Kansas City, visit us online at Noe's Jewelry or in person at our store in Raymore, Missouri.