A Guide to the Picking the Perfect Engagement Ring

The decision to propose is a momentous occasion in anyone’s life. It’s an event steeped in tradition yet one that continues to evolve with the times. For those on the receiving end of the proposal, this is often a moment in time imagined and re-imagined time after time. But what makes a proposal truly special is the individual touches that are unique to the couple. Whether that’s a proposal in a special location or in the presence of special people, no two engagements are ever alike.

When considering such an important occasion, it’s understandable that a fair amount of nerves will probably be involved in the endeavor. Suddenly everything from choosing the words and the location of the proposal to the selecting the ring becomes saturated in meaning. For many, the most nerve-wracking may be choosing the ring, a timeless symbol of one’s love over a lifetime.

Choosing the Right Ring for the Right Individual

Similar to clothing, each style of ring contains its own personality such as classic, sporty, traditional or fashion-forward. Therefore it’s important to find a ring that not only complements the individual’s personality but also feels as comfortable as if it’s always been worn by them. In the past, engagement rings were often chosen in advance with little consultation from the receiver. Today, most wearers hope to be directly involved in the choosing of the stone, setting and the band. If you’re more of a traditionalist and plan to buy the ring without the wearer’s consult, why not play it safe and ask for input from your beloved’s friends and family?

Following the style consult, it’s time to move onto learning the important 4 Cs of ring buying: color, cut, clarity and caret weight.

Color – unless a colored stone is desired, look for a diamond with the least amount of color

Cut – the overall shape of the gemstone, the number of facets (flat cut sides on a gemstone) and the brilliance reflected in the stone

Clarity – the clearness and the lack of flaws in the stone

Caret weight – the size of the gem

Make Friends with a Jeweler

Know in advance that few people walk into a jewelry store with a solid grasp on the 4 Cs or how to best apply them to find the perfect ring. Although the process can seem overwhelming, the selection of an engagement ring should be a pleasant and memorable experience. Start by asking questions of the staff. They can help find the perfect rings, select the best gemstone for the ring(s), discuss payment options and also create a timeline of when the rings will be ready.

In order to make the process easier, Noe’s Jewelry further narrowed the process down to three easy steps with our convenient ring builder platform. The process allows each couple to choose the diamond shape, color, number of carats, stone clarity and price range that’s right for you. Choose from a beautiful selection of classic Solitaire, Diamond Accents, Vintage settings, Petite and Petite Halo collections, or the Unique Advantage collection. Start the process today by visiting us online at Noe’s Jewelry or in person at our store in Raytown, Missouri.