5 Things You Should Never Do While Wearing Your New Engagement Ring

engagement ringOnce you get engaged, you love and cherish your engagement ring. Many women never want to take that sparkler off their finger, but there are times when that ring should come off for its own protection. Noe’s Jewelry wants you to keep your engagement ring looking brand new, so we have come up with a list of times you should take your ring off.

1. Cleaning

Cleaning products contain chemicals that can damage the metal and stones in your ring. If you don’t want to risk damaging the way your beautiful ring looks, take it off before you start cleaning, because chemicals can etch gemstones and discolor the metal. If you really want to wear your ring while cleaning, get a pair of strong gloves to protect it from the chemicals that you are using.

2. Swimming or Other Water Activities

Cold water can cause your hands to shrink slightly, which can make it especially easy for a ring to slip off of your finger. You don’t want to be in the middle of a great kayaking or river rafting session and realize that your ring is nowhere to be found, so just leave it at home during these kinds of outings. If you are going anywhere near the ocean, leave your ring at home. There is very little chance that you are ever going to find your ring if it gets swept into the ocean.

3. Gardening

We can bet that you never even thought about taking your ring off while you are gardening, but this messy activity is one that your ring doesn’t need to part of. First, dirt and soil can get down in the small cracks of your ring and become nearly impossible to get out. Plus, you are likely to miss your ring falling off and getting buried somewhere near your plants. Skip the need for a metal detector and just take your ring off before working in the garden.

4. Working Out

Whether you play sports, run, or lift weights, it is always a good idea to take off your ring during physical activity. Rings can get caught on fitness equipment or banged up by the metal of the weights you are pumping. In fact, repeatedly gripping weights can actually change the shape of your ring. If you go on daily outdoor runs, you won’t want to lose your ring somewhere along the way either. It is best if you just leave your ring at home during your workouts.

5. Washing Dishes

The last thing you want to do is turn on the garbage disposal only to hear a horrible sound. To make matters worse, if you reach down to find out the source of the racket, you don’t want to be caught in stunned horror as you pull your damaged ring out of the sink. Your ring could also slip off and be lost down the drain. Washing knives could also scratch or otherwise damage your ring if you aren’t careful. Instead, keep your ring in a safe place while you wash your dishes.

Noe’s Jewelry wants you to keep your engagement ring safe, and we hope that these simple tips help. If your ring needs any repairs, or if you are looking for a wedding band in the Kansas City Metro Area, contact Noe’s Jewelry today at 816-322-7227.