Two-stone Diamond Engagement Rings

There are so many things we love about being your Kansas City Area jeweler, but believe it or not, one of the most fun parts of our job is keeping up on jewelry trends. We do this in part for pleasure, because we love jewelry and want to be informed, but we also adore being able to advise our customers on the hottest trends as well as classic styles. Quality jewelry will never become truly unfashionable, but it's obviously like anything else people wear—as artists come up with new ideas, and celebrates and style or fashion icons fall in and out of love with various pieces, there will always be an ebb and flow when it comes to jewelry.

Engagement rings look good with everything, but the style or settings of them become more or less fashionable over the years. Of course, a single stone is and always will be a true classic, but these days, a new trend is gathering steam: the two-stone diamond engagement ring. Major jewelry retailers are already stocking and marketing these special "Two-Gether" rings, which are perfect for all couples who want to celebrate their new lives together. Noe's is always on the cutting edge of fashionable trends, so we can't wait for you to see our amazing selection of these two-stone beauties!two stone engagement ring

Two-stone diamond engagement rings are unique settings, just like your future relationship with your soon-to-be spouse. It's true that when you get engaged, everyone always wants to see your new ring—just watch their eyes pop when they see the two-stone ring featured in magazines and fashion spreads this year!

Two-stone engagement rings come in all kinds of cuts and shapes, from Pear to Marquise to Round to Heart, so you can be sure you'll find the perfect ring. Two-stone rings are a beautiful symbol of togetherness and unity, with the two stones encircled by a precious metal—every time your future spouse looks at their hand, they'll see the two of you together, forever. What a beautiful reminder of the everlasting meaning of marriage and love!

But these beautiful rings aren't just for an engagement… while we love the idea of a two-stone diamond engagement ring, a two-stone ring could be used as a great gift for a mother and daughter, two best friends, or any other couple out there who want to commemorate their special and unique relationship with a beautiful piece of jewelry. An anniversary is actually a perfect occasion to give one of these pieces to your spouse!

Noe's in Raymore, Missouri has a variety of stone cuts, so if you love the idea of a two-stone ring as much as we do, come on in to see our selection! We're just getting in these cutting-edge rings, and we're excited to show them to our customers.

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