Personalize a Gift of Fine Jewelry with an Engraving

Jewelry is always a thoughtful, elegant, and long-lasting gift. Chocolates are for eating, flowers are a beautiful yet fleeting thing, but precious metals and gemstones last a lifetime—several, actually. Every piece of jewelry you give a loved one is a special gift, a personal treasure to be enjoyed forever. But an engraved piece is even more personal.
Engraving is an incredibly ancient art form. The oldest engraved piece yet discovered is a shell from Indonesia, where the very first Homo erectus was uncovered. Archaeologists have also discovered ostrich eggshells, engraved with banding, that were used as water containers in Africa. By the Paleolithic period, petroglyphs—rock engravings—were popular forms of self-expression. But it's really in antiquity that we see metal jewelry and even gems being engraved.
Why would people engrave things? Well, clearly even ancient man understood that engraving lasts a long time! Engraving is a way to make jewelry into a message, a statement that will last for generations. An engraved piece of jewelry will never be mistaken for a similar piece—everyone will know was given to a certain person, on a certain date, for a certain reason.
Noe's, your friendly neighborhood Kansas City area jewelry store, is happy to meet all your engraving needs. We can engrave the inside of precious metal rings right here in our store. And for our customers who buy rings from us, engraving is free up to 32 characters (though it depends on the size of the ring and the area our engravers have to work with—each piece we do is unique). Mike Noe is an expert with years of experience with engraving, and our customers always adore his work.
As for alternative metal bands, like tungsten carbide, that engraving is done by laser. We contract with a specific company outside our store for alternative metal engraving; if you have questions about engraving of that nature, give us a call and ask! We're happy to answer any questions you might have.
But, rings aren't the only thing we can engrave at Noe's. Typically, anything that's metal we can engrave, whether it's other types of jewelry like a pendant, or traditional gift items such as plaques, or a plate, a knife, a watch… anything you'd like to carry a message not just to the lucky recipient, but generations beyond. Watches and rings might be the most popular engraved items passed down over generations, but what we can engrave is only limited by your imagination. And, if you're interested in getting glass engraved, we can have your glass items intricately hand-engraved, though we typically outsource that work to experts in New York.
If you have questions, please call us and ask! We're happy to talk over your engraving projects, and find the best solution for you.
At Noe's, we want to help you make your gifts as personal as possible. Visit us online at Noe's Jewelry, or in person at our Raymore, Missouri jewelry store for more information.