Luxury Timepieces Make a Fine Holiday Gift!

It really seems like smartphones do everything these days, doesn't it? Whether it's housing an up-to-date grocery list, letting you care for a yard full of virtual cats, schedule your haircuts or flights, or just telling you the time, they do it all. But, as for that last function… while it's true that the smartphone can tell you the time, as well as performing as a stopwatch, alarm clock, world clock, and timer, there's one thing a smartphone can't do for the modern gentleman: it can't make a man look as polished and put-together as a luxury timepiece.

A luxury watch really is a must-have for any modern man's wardrobe. A clunky, ugly, or cheap-looking watch sticks out like a sore thumb when a man is all cleaned up and wearing a slick suit. Nothing completes an outfit more elegantly than an elegant timepiece; nothing makes a man look more refined. Sure, you can fit a smartphone in a suit pocket, but there's something so glamorous about a fine wristwatch, whatever style you select—whether it evokes old Hollywood glamour, James Bond chic, or the classic boardroom executive.

Luxury timepieces are a fantastic gift for any man in your life, be he a husband, brother, nephew, cousin, or your fiancé. Elegant, well crafted, beautiful, and not to mention shiny, a fancy wristwatch is the gift that keeps on giving. Ties wear out or go out of style, and wrench sets just get shoved in the garage to collect dust—a luxury watch can (and will be) useful time and again, and right there in your loved one's jewelry box or top drawer to be admired every day, even on days he doesn't wear it. Just think about it—watches are also heirlooms, handed down from one generation to the next, so this Christmas you might just be giving someone you love a gift that he'll one day pass on to someone he cares for as well.

Noe's carries Citizen brand timepieces for the man in your life. Perhaps your loved one would be impressed by one of the Eco-Drive models, which never need a battery. Eco-Drive watches convert ambient light into energy that is then stored in a lithium-ion cell. It will run forever, as it's perpetually rechargeable. But, if you think the lucky recipient of a luxury watch is more traditionally, inclined, we also carry quartz models that use a crystal to keep brilliantly accurate time.

If you're just not sure, well, the staff at Noe's Jewelry can help. Come on down to your local Kansas City Area jewelry store and see our selection in-person. We'd love to talk to you about our offerings, and help you find the perfect timepiece for what's sure to be your lucky loved one's favorite gift this holiday season.

To speak to someone about spoiling the man in your life with a luxury timepiece, call 816-322-7227 or visit Noe's Jewelry in person at our jewelry store in Raymore, Missouri.